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UPDATE: Homicide victim #55 identified

By SNO Staff

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Police are investigating the 55th homicide of the year.

A young man, identified as Neil “Chaddy” Brice”, was gunned down in the Maynard Hill/Pavee area of Castries on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

Reports are that the victim, who is also known ‘Warbeck’, was killed execution-style after 7 p.m.

More details later today.


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  1. Let's get one thing straight no government is to be blamed for crime,crime always exist what's yourll problem grow up he with no sin cast the first stone none of us are perfect okay we all have our old ways chaddie wasn't a saint yes but at the end of the day did he deserve to die the way he did hell no.....all of yourll that saying he kill people already y didn't yourll go to the police with yourll evidence,every time someone from the ghetto past away yourll comments sickening me...I'm a proud ghetto girl and I don't support crime never have and never will.....with all that said my condolences going out to chaddie family,rest in peace chaddie

  2. So this means u should file for all of us Shawn O'Reilly????

  3. Lind back maybe hiding all by know the boss dat deh chaddie not a lucian his a barbadian he do endless thing in his country he run but check him know

  4. Why do we always blame the PM? Why don't we ask why can't we control our temper we are too quick to to hurt each other,the guns and knives do not kill people if we do not put them to use. If we only take one second to think before we act the ball game will be different,and knowing the police and detectives if we have any would get up from their azz and investigate I think the crime rate whether it be robbery,rape murder etc would be different period. Please let's stop blaming and pointing fingers at each other blame the moron with the violent temper, the sticky finger thief, the perv with the hot crotch, the pusher the dealer and the list goes on. If we know something say something then again we cannot trust the some of the police sad sad situation. Here's wishing each and every one a Peaceful and Happy Holidays and try not to keep our guards down for a split second one love my sisters and brothers stay strong.

    • Because when the current PM was blaming the former PM and Government you agreed. The current PM campaigned in part on his ability to reduce crime since it was the former PM that was not reducing it. Why didn't you then come up with your temper and police investigation analysis. It is that kind of hypocrisy that's killing the country and by your posting you are guilty of it.

    • Where are the prayer worriers

  5. r.i.p. chaddie my ass ... all you that saying that more criminal than him ..
    All of you should follow him .. you ass holes !!

    gone too soon?? ... yh right wait a minute .. you mean not soon enough ..smfh
    they go get all you too

  6. Mary Francis wa u really saying deh. Is as doh u like when de criminals gun down each other. U eh know human rites is for one and all? Criminals killing criminasl u eh saying nuttin. Criminals killin law abiding citizens, nuttin for dat. But when de po-po doin deh work u have endless tings to say. Mary I tink u is just a big hypocrite. U eh really have de people interest at heart. If you really care then say someting about dat murder rate...

  7. It never occurred to you that the violence is linked to baron dealers who were massively unlegally shot by the police few years ago??!! Now is time for each "gang" to take power over the drug market. Stop using drug, stop covering your nephew, son, sister, don't support their market!
    The question isn't about the numbers it is about the rate: crime per population and YES St Lucia is really bad, is was 17th in 2012 with "only" 39 crimes... Western countries are rated from 160 to 200+

    The only thing to wish for St Lucians is to get proper education to be part of the modern world and to stop behaving like pirates!

  8. Did Kenny Anthony make Saint Lucia safer, he didn't but we will.
    Did Kenny Anthony make Saint Lucia safer, he didn't but I WiLL.

    ~Allen Chastenet [2016]

    Has Allen made you safer?
    How much have you saved since the reduction of VAT?
    Are you employed or UNEMPLOYED?
    How much ching ching have you earned?
    Have you noticed that prices at MASSY Supermarket have risen significantly under the Allen Chastenet Administration?
    Does Allen Chastenet have a vested interest in the PROFITS of MASSY.
    Have you notice have Bradley Felix has AGED?
    Is Bradley displaying symptoms of Pyschosis?
    Were you fired from NICE?
    Did you get employment under STEP?
    Have you noticed that STEP favours the employment of Men?
    Are the men employed employed under VAT fathers of minors?
    Are the men employed providing for the children?
    How are you providing for you children since being fired from NICE?
    Are you better today than you were yesterday?
    Is your purchasing power greater under this administrations than the previous?
    Did you vote for this inept vindictive government?
    Do you know that we have a homicide problem and NOT a CRIME problem?
    Are you Pe'?

  9. People stop blaming the pm uwp nor slp does be on the murder scene

  10. Again Mr. PM, by your standards, the crime is decreasing.

    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      So, my dear brothers and sisters, this is the point: You died to the power of the law when you died with Christ. And now you are united with the one who was raised from the dead. As a result, we can produce a harvest of good deeds for God.

      – Romans 7: 4

  11. In this place, you can never tell what is going on... it is amazing that all of a sudden homicide skyrocketing for the first time in the history of st lucia and it is done suddenly. u mean in a few months; lucians turn more murderous than before? . there is no build up at all; just a sudden a big rise. something is amiss here; if it does not make sense. and there is a reason why it does not make sense. there is need to weed out the out a lot of things in that place and do it quickly.

  12. Why no body not saying anything about the amount of people this guy have kill

  13. LC
    Time for a march aganst violence

  14. This has alot to do with the police force. They spend their time selling drugs and doing all the illegal stuff so it's difficult form them to stop the crimes when they are the real criminals. The head of the police department needs to step up and do his work.

  15. Rip chaddy... u will be missed by a lot!!!!😭😭😭

  16. Ti pweh tout do someting cause kenny coud'nt but you could

  17. Maybe if the numbers get to 60 or 100 then the government might address the problem. Sad. Very sad.

  18. Father help us

  19. ..R.I.P Chaddie! Gone too soon!

  20. Sad what our beautiful island has come to.....there is no way I will leave my young family here. I will soon leave this place to go to the USA because I can see no improvement in the foreseeable future. And the police have the audacity to ask for a salary's like the laziest employee in a business asking for a raise. Get lost Mincherry.

  21. Your white man will save y'all. History has taught you blacks on St. Lucia πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨ nothing. A slave will al be a slave.

    • Your mental slavery is what holds us back. Wtf do white people have to do with anything. You ignorant uneducated waste of space

      • Let us pretend that the blacks are not at the bottom of the barrel. I am sure if you say it often enough blacks will suddenly rise to the top.

        Let us pretend that whites do not hold the economic and political power in St Lucia.

        You are enslaved house slave because you have traded your shackles for mental slave.

    • Well said. Someone has already condemned your statement but you are speaking the truth. Unless blacks forgive each other, there will be problems. They see each other as the enemy too much.

  22. A sad reality of the 55 homicides is all of the other shootings with intent to kill which fortunately for the victims did not turn out that way. Those would have put the murder count even higher. Those shootings would also contribute to high criminality while some in authority insist that crime is on the decrease. They apparently have forgotten or not recognized the potential of those shootings to easily have been murders.

    So the very first and important step in solving an issue or problem is being able to acknowledge or admit its existence. If that cannot be done the problem will never be solved. Denials or head in the sand never helps.

  23. Mr Chastanet what you call that game? Stop what you said Kenny could stop how you feel now like an empty or a fool

  24. RIP my boy. You had a heart of gold.

  25. R.I.P Warbeck I will miss that smile of yours....

    • What else yo miss Bella?

      • Saint Lucians are blaming the pm for crime they have nothing to say but just abusing the internet...i am living in Switzerland and there are millions of people in Switzerland and we don't have five murders a year and I want St. Lucians to google about crime in Switzerland....Am so happy in Switzerland


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