BREAKING NEWS: Female among three injured in Grass Street gun attack

By SNO Staff

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Three people have been left nursing injuries following a shooting at Grass Street, Castries early Saturday morning, Dec. 23, according to police sources.

Reports are that shortly before 3 a.m., two unknown males approached a crowd of people and started shooting at them.

Two males and one female sustained injuries. They are currently in stable condition.

There have been no reports of arrests in connection with the incident.

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  1. ohh lord put a hand !!

  2. ...evil of men..prayers won't help..controling and accepting responsibility for our actions and live in reality. Stop blaming god and devil and government..ideally all of the above just sit back and do shit for anyone

  3. Nikisha in all soaps she needs to learn how to take care of her children and stop dragging her self all over the place ... thats a sign to change ur life girl !! Who dont hear does feeeeel but thankfully shes ok

  4. Please, I beg you, leave the politics out of it; definitely not funny at all
    If you have axes to grind, do it privately, not here.

  5. Ras: St. Lucia do need prayer indeed, never in my life have I read of so many shootings
    stabbings, suicides and all other forms of violence in one tiny Island, God help us. Sadly
    a lot of these crimes are never solved by the Police. Some are waiting for the total tally at
    the end of the year to blame the Authority for the increase in the violent loss of life. None
    of this is ever planed; the whole world is getting darker and more and more evil. I'm afraid
    it's every where. Turn away from God, then you automatically become a prey to you know who.

  6. Nikisha needs to learn to leave her worn out,dried out ass home with her 3 or 4 kids smh

  7. Continue praying rastaman

  8. "Kenny cannot keep us safe . . . But I will!" Umm, who said that again?

  9. Come to St Lucia and die.... that should be the advertisement for the St Lucia Tourist Board.

  10. All the time they shooting and Killin people they turn now

  11. On all our ports of entry we should warn visitors... we should put up signs all over saying: WELCOME TO THE WILD WILD WEST



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