BREAKING NEWS: Boss shoots employee at hotel construction site in Gros Islet

BREAKING NEWS: Boss shoots employee at hotel construction site in Gros Islet

Police are investigating a shooting at a hotel construction site on Pigeon Island, Gros Islet.

Reports are that a construction worker, Lenny Pappius of Cacao, Babonneau, was allegedly shot in both legs by his employer, a contractor, according to law enforcement sources.

The shooting occurred at The Landings Hote construction site at about 11 a.m.

It is alleged that the shooting stemmed from a dispute over wages.

The employee is currently in stable condition at hospital.

His employer has been released from police custody without charge pending further investigations, a reliable source said.


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  1. If there's anyone lazier than a St. Lucian construction worker. It's a St. Lucian construction worker that "smokes". Every 30 miniues, stop to light one up. And then the nigger next to him stop to talk about it.


  2. Just another story where Lucians would speak their mind, and as soon as the sun rises tomorrow, everyone has forgotten about it. 90% of urll here only care for 24 hours for the most, and then move on.

    Just comment on social media and when it's time to take action, everyone's hidden in their comfort zones.


  3. Topkek don't say that uh... He is a hard working man... He is a very nice guy at work helps everybody.... The boss a salop


  4. That's is one thing with that boss your money always on time.. No lie about that... He has gotten swell headed... He was nothing he use to borrow money from curtain guys that is working with him right now.. This man fires his workers for useless reasons... He is abusive for sure.. Insultive for sure... He has a temper.. His wife puts him out several times... He insults his wife an family.. This guy is no good to the public.. Right now they want the workers to be quiet if they say anything about the insedent they get fired immediately... One day after the insedent other workers has gotten fired.. He has a young guy as his sighttech treats that boy like garage O far less his mechanic... This is sad for a family man... This guy said there is no god nor Jesus... He says fuck them.. An I notice he deals with the devil.. He is sick.... Plz am begging y'all don't ever work for this guy


  5. The police should take the firearm from the employer before he shoots someone else or kills.... Also he should pay the guy's medical bills and compensate the employee.


  6. Wow who is that contractor?
    I'd like to know so that me or my kids dont work for him ever in this lifetime.
    U dont shoot hungry men on site. They get angry because they are hungry. We the hard working men know this.


  7. Let the right example be set by the Government. When Contractors work, especially where the work has been executed properly there should be a greater effort on the part of the Ministry Officials to pay. Too many time politics and personal feeling get involved and too many of the officials want bribes just to do their work. Sometimes innocent Contractors and workers ate the ones getting hurt. People often blame the Ministers but most times they have nothing to do with the wicked lazy officials in the Ministries.


  8. Contractors have the police force by their balls! What colour is the central police station? ANSWER : colours of a construction firm!


  9. Lenny Pappius of Cacao, Babonneau. Is that you on the news again? Where was your daughter to take photos to plaster them on social media.
    God has a way of teaching people lessons. You and your family only paying for what you'll did. I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about.
    You in a hospital bed now taking a dose of VH, family going up and down, spending money.
    Poor you. I still don't hate you'll and wish you'll the best but before doing WICKEDNESS to people and hurting them and their love ones think twice because "you will be forgiven but not go unpunished".


  10. Stupid chimp probably got what he deserved. Its high time punks who make idle threats are made to pay for their mouths. Nest time go for the head shot boss man!


  11. So that's the best solution the contractor could come up with? Shooting the poor guy in his legs? It's not easy for the little man in this country. Some folks work really hard sometimes and when it comes to get paid is endless papishow to get your money. That can be very frustrating and aggravating to most folks. In any event, I think the contractor should be held in custody for seventy two hours like they do many others while they do their investigation. Isn't this what done to the small man for petty and trivial matters?


  12. There are 3 sides to a story. This man is a hell of a straight employer. He doesn't mess around with employees salary. U work over time u get pay. Salary is at the bank on time. He pays nic. He provides every employee with proper gears. It's unfortunate that this happened. Our young ppl need to get up and smell the coffee. Things are getting harder. Work is scarce. Let's appreciate what we have...


  13. Its really crazy that the situation cannot be solved with dialoge. Because we have no way of expressing ourselves. The situation was out of control weeks ago. If the boss was happy with the work he would have paid him extra.
    When the employee shouted the boss shouldnt have gone to his level. And why is the boss carrying a firearm to work. Why not a pen and a check book and a level.
    The boss is a poor manager cant manage his emotions or whats happebing with the workers. I suggest the landings removes him because its to hotel not the wild west.
    I hope that boss can pay the worker 12 hrs a day including sat untill he gets on his feet again.