BREAKING NEWS: Driver escapes death near Choc roundabout (video and photos)

BREAKING NEWS: Driver escapes death near Choc roundabout (video and photos)
The injured driver (inset) at the crash scene.
The injured driver (inset) at the crash scene.

A man is lucky to be alive after his car ripped into a parked container-trailer near the Choc roundabout this afternoon.

The accident occurred around 5 p.m., across from the building that houses Rituals and Caribbean Cinema.

An eyewitness said the driver of the car (PJ90190) was heading in the direction of Babonneau when he allegedly attempted to overtake. However, to avoid colliding with an oncoming vehicle he veered off the road and ripped into the container-trailer.

The impact of the collision tore the roof off the car and shredded its rear, leaving the driver with a bleeding head wound.

The driver, known so far as Antonius from Corinth, Gros Islet, was seen standing on the side of the road with his shirt wrapped around his head, as two police officers conduct their investigations.

Interestingly, the container-trailer was parked at a “no parking” zone for container-trailers.


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  1. yo bro let the owner of the trailer pay u for your car and distress and inconvenience bring them to court bro since carnival mate eh move that crap deh


  2. They don't learn, and they don't listen, but the sad part is when innocent people get killed because of their stupidity.. "IDIOTS" wake-up and smell the road KILL..


    • No it means no parking of trailers, it clearly says in the highway code that a round sign edged in red is an order sign. The sign means no trailers, underneath this is reinforced with the instruction sign.


  3. The driver should be in an ambulance not just standing there while the police is doing their investigation.
    The father looked over him .
    Thanks god.
    For putting a hand


  4. If the driver had died it may be that the owner of the trailer be held liable. Would the driver had died "but for" the parked container? That may be difficult to disprove since a container would have accelerated his chances of dying because of its structural composition. Besides, the illegality in parking a container in that area is a contributor and something that cannot be overlooked as being reckless too.


  5. Let us say that there is an accident on the 4 lane highway in the Choc area and one lane, South bound, is completely blocked. As a result the police direct all road users to use the North Bound lanes to go both north and south as a practical solution. Are the police making you break the law?

    You first need to find out whether permission was granted by the Traffic Department (police) to park there and for how long before you conclude the legalities.



  6. People here are under a mistaken presumption that overtaking is a bad thing. That is a WRONG assumption. The only person who has broken the law is the person who parked the trailer. The road and road shoulder were made for vehicles, and it is a reasonable assumption that an emergency/event may lead to them sometimes veering off the road unto the shoulders. Drivers are not perfect neither are vehicles so that's the reasonable presumption, however a trailer being parked on the shoulder is always dangerous and that is why there was a no parking sign for it. What if the driver had escaped a cow and then plowed into the trailer? We do no know the exact circumstance, sometimes the driver could have judged the oncoming vehicle to be at a particular speed, however it accelerated, resulting in him taking avoidance maneuvers.

    Overtaking is a maneuver that must be undertaken by any driver, albeit, when it is judged to be safe. However, in the process there can be miscalculations, unforeseen circumstances and sometimes recklessness. But have we proved the driver to be reckless? I think St. Lucians need to be more analytical in their thinking and not just belching out the first thing that comes to mind. It exposes clearly what is lacking within our education system which is Information Literacy. It informs that we have difficulty in gathering, analyzing and then presenting correct information.

    As to the question of damages the trailer owner may be required to pay the damages because the sign alone makes it reasonably foreseeable that such an accident could have occurred. Therefore the driver may well be within his rights for a claim for compensation.

    I understand the need and freedom to comment, however, show that you can truly reason. Not because a driver takes a risk he is wrong, because it maybe a reasonable risk, one which any reasonable person may have taken in the same circumstances.


  7. Another consequence of lawlessness. If laws are not enforced they will be ignored and the result will be chaos and societal breakdown and an increasing the crime rate.


    • That would've been unfortunate but thankfully that was not the case. What if a tyre blew and it caused the vehicle to veer off road. Clearly the trailer should not have been parked there.


      • Consider yourself blessed the father is protecting you. Say Praise the Lord!!!! I'm happy to see you standing there cause things could have been worse. All the best!


  8. I pass there basically everyday to go to work and that trailer has been there from after babonneau carnival, not one police officer or minister has noticed it's parked in a no parking zone for one of them to say or do something about it since it's on the way to the ministry of infrustructure??? Hmmmm...but the second a random person parks on an off loading zone or a double line to rush in a store to get something they would get a ticket the second the come outside (not saying it's right to park on a double line or off loading zone) gov please apply the rules for everyone and not some people.


  9. The parked trailer did not cause the accident. The driver of the car caused the accident from his own reckless driving by not ensuring that his view ahead was clear before overtaking another vehicle. The "shifting blame culture" of this society continues as always.


  10. Is that car registered in Barbados or some other island? (pj 90190)? To my knowledge de most numbers we hv in St Lucia is 4..could be wrong, just curious....


  11. Reckless driving. Lucky to be alive! The situation with containers / trailers parked and maneuvering in the Banannes area is another disaster waiting to happen! It is absolutely disgusting that the authorities allow this to continue, with no regard for the safety of the general motoring public. The reality is that until someone loses their life as a result, the nonsense will continue. People can park their trailers where the hell they want because there are no rules in this country. Shame.


  12. but he was overtaking smh them mun want to overtake any dam where. the trailer does not have topay for his car. we can only charge the owner of the trailer for illegal parking.


    • I hope you know overtaking is not illegal. There are many places where it is deemed safe to overtake. Parking there is clearly illegal.