BREAKING NEWS: Body of missing woman Saadia Byron found

BREAKING NEWS: Body of missing woman Saadia Byron found
Saadia Byron
Saadia Byron

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that the lifeless body of a female has been found in Laborie.

Sources say the body was discovered around midday in a shallow “stone” grave, “not too far” from the residence of mother of three Saadia Byron, 32, who has been missing for more than 24 hours.

Sources believe the body is that of Byron.

This is St. Lucia’s 51st homicide of 2017.

More details soon.


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  1. Sad thing is, like other rape and murder crimes it is an outrage for a few hours or days then the spark dies out. Our justice system is a joke. Rapists are walking free...murderers checking out their next victim...thieves winning court cases...


  2. Well we have a group of fools running St. Lucia. Un educated, ignorant, selfish and greedy MPs and PM with no experience or training. They're all too busy filling their pockets to take note of what is happening in the island. They took an oath to serve the country and its people but the island is lawless. Our police are young boys with no training or experience. Some have no education.
    The only way to move forward and resolve these issues are for all St. Lucians to come together and stand up to this government and any future governmentt. You can all bring the government down; you put them in and you can take them out at any time. They don't have to serve full term if they are not serving the country and its people.


    • Why is it the government's fault when crimes are committed. That is the problem with our society. We are too quick to blame the government. The way out of poverty, gangs or the streets is hard work, dedication, determination, optimism and perseverance. NOT A POLITICIAN. Take responsibility for installing values in our kids. Raise them differently. Seek GOD. That's the answer. While the role of the government is safety too don't expect them to be responsible for all the ills in our society


  3. Two points.
    The Prime Minister's Office crime DOES have a lot to do with the party in power. Yes they did not send people out to commit crime BUT once committed the government has to kick in. Would they not have have solicited our vote on the grounds of keeping the country safe? Anyway isn't it the duty of a government to keep a country safe and protect it's citizens? For otherwise would be an abdication of the role of a government.

    The other point is even if a government did not send people out to commit a crime, once committed and at that stage it is the duty of the government to provide the police with all the necessary resources to successfully investigate the crime and prosecute the offenders. So yes crime does have to do with the government in being able to solve it and allow that to be a deterrent.


  4. What is the deterent to commiting murder in St. Lucia?
    Nothing will be done about the murders in StLucia until the sons and daughters of the middle classes are the victims. While the victims are from the lower classes nothing nothing nothing.
    A few murders in cap and you will soon see the increase in police patrols.
    Where are the preventive tools such as CCTV.
    Do we need another operation Restore Justice, oh that did not work .


    • So u think deh go hav cctv Everywhere? Us just God alone. And devil needs to be expelled. But when will that realization come to "a people"?


  5. Wtf politics has nun to do with that smh
    Someone committed a hainus crime it's up to t police to investigate I mean I there was a crime lap they hav to hold the take the evidence ND test it
    Do business know if the forensic lab is equipped to test DNA in 24 hrs. Semen in the condo I 24 hours if they did ND said OK that's her
    Without a suspect or a database of Sex offenders n DNA of those offenders to cross reference. How does that help us find her

    Jah stop.makon thin political
    We are not equipped for. Forensics
    So it books down to investigative work

    We don't have such dogs to trace the scent
    The lab would no get a an further further finding a just evidence of convict the killer


    • When you say it have nothing to do with politics what do you mean
      Who do you think is responsible for the police
      Who do you think is responsible for getting the forensic lab we so desperately need.
      Who do you think is responsible for the DNA lab
      Who do you think is responsible for getting a system to allow all police stations to be linked
      So think again because if these things are not given or funded how the hell do you think it’s going to happen
      I don’t care who is in power not interested all I want is someone in government to get their head out of their ASS and fix the country judicial system.


      • No. We need to fix the way out kids are raised. We need to fix our mindset. This is not the role of the government or the police. They protect and serve but they can't change things when most people don't have morals and good values. That's where it begins. Get some common sense. Don't blame the government for what parents failed to do....Which is raise the kids effectively.


  6. You retards should know crime has nothing to do with what party in power. I'm sick of reading these shits


    • It has everything to do with it, hypocrite. When Kenny was there, everything was his fault. Now Chastnet is there and murder is rising you all want to say "Oh, don't make it political." It is political. Criminals are emboldened by lax administration. UWP is notoriously in this area. You're the retard here.


      • Good God. U need to take a course in " Common Sense " 101. U have none of that whatsoever. People always find a need to point the blame and not tackle the matter at hand. Someone teachers, police officers and the government are responsible for raising our kids. If they fail then they're not doing their jobs. What a mess of a society have we become..


  7. OMG father please continue to watch over her children for they need u now. After all that we woman can't protect ourselves. I will forever be with my tazer and pepper spray the world Is just not safe


  8. Tet a Tet isn't it obvious. A forensic lab closed for so long there is no interest in that type of work. So the police are on their own to solve crime with their fingers and toes.


  9. Guys we need to take to the streets immediately and demand that this government step down. These guys refuse to open the forensic lab and to equip our police but they use our precious resources to aid outside business interest. What the fuck is wrong with CHASTANET


    • The forensic lab was there when labour was iin power why didn't they have it up and running. It is not about Chamber CV or Kenny. It is about allowing the police to take over the streets in full force . And even then when they (police) are doing their job others out there crying wolf on them. Like Mary Francis in Chief.On another note, the laws in st Lucia is design to commit crime not prevent it.


      • The forensic lab was there when labour was in power,why didn't they have it up and running? It is not about Chamber or Kenny. It is about allowing the police to take over the streets in full force.And even then when they are doing their job, people like Mary Francis in Chief out there crying wolf on them.On another note, the laws in St Lucia are design to commit crimes not prevent them


  10. From what I'm reading there seems to be a wealth of evidence at the disposal of investigators. But we have no national database or a functioning forensic lab to solve this particular case, unless some other evidence presents itself. R.i.p young lady, and I hope the perpetrator/s of this heinous crime be found and punished. Condolences to the family and friends.


  11. So many unsolved crimes in slu. Murderers and rapists walking amongst us and we have no idea. Whilst some of them bordelais eating tax payers money. Honestly its just heart breaking.


  12. SAD!!! No DNA evidence? Fingerprint? It is sickening. People of St.Lucia are dying and culprits are not caught. These Culprits know that they can commit such acts and they will NEVER be caught.

    Interview her boyfriend. Ex-boyfriends, friends. Where was she last seen. Who called the phone. What was the last text she received on her phone. Go to the Telephone Company to Get her phone records. It is killing me to see that the Technology we need to invest in is seen as not important.

    Where are the women Organizers. Start protesting on your Government Offices and demand that they change the way Crime is handled in St.Lucia. Demand that they have Specialist who can investigate crime and scrub crime scenes. WE NEED CHANGE!!!!!!

    If this continues, St. Lucia will be black-balled and Tourist will not visit, Investment will go away and the people of St.Lucia will continue to Suffer..............SAD!!!!!!!!!! and SHAMEFUL


    • st.lucia police cannot investigate.many times they dont get the right person or they dont get the culprit at all.if i dont like someone i can just mention that persons name and its years on remand.and at the end of the day that person goes home free after every one has forgotten about it.


  13. And den da witch Mary Francis will cum and say they're human beings wen they go Bordelais.Sorry but unless it's close to home for her, she will never get it. Mary spend less time plucking and drawing your eyebrows with dat permanent marker and make more time for the women!


  14. St.lucia you'll setting youll self up for carnage, Armageddon,brimestone and fire.The woman have 3 children and no mercy.Where the kids father them,and how was the relationship between mother and father or is it fathers,Its alwaya a demon close to you who will take your life.I am not surprise because not communicating with family for 24 hours is not a promising sign.Now tell me something St.Lucia how can people become dead or missing right under youll nose and nobody see nothing.Where and how did the mother of 3 just get snatch and kidnap no body was around nobody saw anything,i mean its not space she was kidnapped to.St.lucians my people,pay attention to you'll surroundings,dont talk to strangers,dont take their rides,and let people know who ,where and when youll going.This story is upsetting the woman have 3 children who will feed them now.St.lucians my people,what happen to you'll not all,the majority of lucians are hard working citizens,law abiding tax payers and the rest,Satan in you'll like flies on shit.Turn to God get help you'll will never see the Kingdom these pearly gates.My condolences go out to her family and friend,Dear father God the 3 take control of them You dont need us father,But you want us,Oh how you love us,the king of heaven want us my people.The people has lost their grip in St.lucia,open youll hands my people give God control.




  16. Condolences to the family. This is real sad. They should work on the person that do that.. Make him turn himself in to the police or make him run naked in the streets. This is unacceptable. Im very angry. The police should get him before we the public get him. bcuz whole chu pa bon...


  17. Can't help but cry, what's happening in our sweet Helen of the west, may her soul rest in perfect peace, may God give her family strength, through all of this...


  18. Need to start using the gallows in Bordelais. Start hanging ppl. A life for a life. Police need to be at the cutting edge of technology to catch these culprits. Alot of them are out there. Crime on the rise because the adquate punishment is not being meeted out. We need Trump, Putin or Prince of Saudi Arabia for a week down here to put things in order for us it seems.


    • not just a life for a life.its the type of can reach in a situation where you can take a life.a life for a life is for crimes like rape and murder.