BREAKING NEWS: American couple with child robbed by gunmen in Rodney Bay

By SNO Staff

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A gang of about four young men, armed with guns and knives, robbed an American couple who had a toddler in a stroller at the time, according to law enforcement sources.

The couple and their child were not harmed.

The incident occurred on Thursday, January 11, 2018, after 10 p.m. while the USA couple were walking from Massy Stores supermarket in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

According to the sources, the bandits appeared to be in their teens to early 20s and were in a white vehicle.

The couple, who recently arrived in Saint Lucia, were relieved of a silver iPhone 6, an undisclosed sum of cash and other items.

Reports are that the couple is offering a cash reward of US$100 to recover the phone.

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  1. The government needs to do something to protect our tourists. Trump is watching closely.

    • Racism is cancerous and spreads like wildfire in fickle minds. Surely, when you developed a business in that location in St Lucia it was on the premise that you would be prosperous. Given that ‘Negroes’ are the predominant race in St Lucia, be enlightened that ‘Negroes’ will be your neighbours and are desirous as you of pleasant surrounding and lifestyles. Many will achieve the good life honourable. Some Negroes (Blacks) are thieves but not all Blacks are thieves, so do not allow racial slur recently articulated by President Trumps to affect your view and give credence to a racism disease. Intelligent people think for themselves and are not easily swayed by one or a few misdeed of a few individuals and tarnish all Blacks with the same brush. I cannot see how you can with confidence eke out a living with such negative attitude without drawing negative attitudes towards you and your establishment when you view the island as a ‘shithole’ and the nation as ‘shithole’-you will not attract blessings nor wealth. I take it that you are not Negro otherwise you would have been aware that Negroes since the 1960’s use Black to address themselves.

      The wave of crime is testing the best of us not just you. And together it can be combated.

  2. i am not saying this is good or condoning the act of this but good luck with that reward of US100.00. the iphone is much more expensive than that so more than likely noone would say something.

  3. This shithole island is full of lying scamming stealing negros.

    I came here in 2013 and every black person I meet is trying to rob me, scam me, be my friend for money or resents me because I'm rich. They come to my place of business and make a lot of noise. Steal and scare off the tourists who actually patronize my business.

    I was hoping Chastanet was going to change the island and reduce crime but he doesn't help.
    It has actually gotten worst.

    Now I see more of those negros in my neighbouhood in Cap Estate. How they are affording rent in these areas I don't know. Maybe selling drugs. I wrote to the housing committee so the land owners would evict those negros but no one is doing anything.

    Everytime I go back home to Miami for the holidays season I am happy to be back in civilization. I have to return to Shit Lucia next week and I am terrified after the 62 murders. Unfortunately I have invested so much money in my business and now no one wants to buy it because they are afraid of St Lucia crime. I will return to keep my business running as long as I can.

    I am waiting for them to try to rob me when I am out with my family. They will not try. They know I have a gun and they know I will shoot one of them and the police can't do anything. All these negros do is target harmless families with young kids.

    Soon no one will want to come to this shithole. Then the government will do something.

    • U fool nasty animal rat never go to a Black Country again u pig stay in your dry USA with your trump
      So is America better fool

      • I swear you and your family needs 62 bullets...uPOS then throw y'all in the beausejour sewer where y'all can feast on every black lucian shit.

    • Why was this comment allowed to be published the man is clearly a racist stay in the USA

      • Every critique of black people is considered racist now? Time as black people we acknowledge our shortcomings and tackle those.

        • That was not a critque of Black people that was just pure racism and your comment shows your own ignorance. You cannot brand an entire race of people as the same. There are criminals in every community and every country and if you went to live in an entire white community where there was poverty you would have the SAME issues.

          • "There are criminals in every community."

            The go to argument to exonerate black people. Violence, corruption and poverty is more prevalent among black people. And it will continue to be so until we acknowledge this and begin to tackle our very real problems.

    • Tuck Bedford - crime is never justified and everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, when that opinion is based on a racist ideology and pure ignorance you invalidate that opinion. Tuck Bedford perhaps you need a history lesson on the crimes against humanity that has been committed by Albinos people. I use the word Albinos to reference what White people were orignially called before they decided to refer to themselves as white thus equating themselves with purity to try to eradicate the evil that was committed by them and I add - not all. If we want to talk about "...lying scamming stealing" people lets talk about the Albinos who tricked, invaded, mass-kidnapped, mass-murdered, mass-raped millions of Black people (because that is what that group of people are called now. However as you are still in your neanderthalic mindset you still refer to them as negroes) and pillaged continents and islands to boot all for your financial gain. Today you are able to come to a predominantly Black country and live in the wealthiest part of the isalnd because the crimes that your ancestors committed has given you an upper hand put you in better stead and the HIStory that was written by your ancestors was also written to favour your race therefore putting yourselves in the position of being godlike. Unfortunately, today we still have uneducated Black people who still treat you as such thus allowing you to continue in your erroneous beliefs. The status that you so crave you can only get here Mr Beckford and I give to you that in your great America you are simply another Albino without enough financial accumen or social status to afford the luxuries that you can afford here at the expense of the people you refer to as Negroes.

      You use this statement "Now I see more of those negros in my neighbouhood in Cap Estate." Did you actuallu hear yourself when you wrote that? YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD???? Dude!!! You are an IMMIGRANT or do you like to refer to yourself as an expat because it gives you more status than the status of immigrant? So you think you're wealthy (welath is relative by the way) and you're unhappy with the 'negroes' in St Lucia, tthen the simplest solution is to take your family and get back to the place that you call home which really isn't your HOME either because your ancestors were also immigrants. You want to talk about lying scamming people then first look in the mirror and see your ancestors. Some of these lying scamming negroes may be your cousins because your grand-daddy or great-granddaddy left his remnants when they began to migrate across the waters and raped these negroes that you refer to male and female.

      Did you actually say that when you go back to the US you are happy to be back in civilisation? Was it civilised for that white couple to keep 13 children shackled in a house? The white boys and men who go to schools and other public places and commit mass-shootings. - is that civilised? The white biker gangs who have drive-by shootings and initiations - civilised? What about your family who commited incest over and over again which explains your mental instability? Civilised much? If your America is so great then PISS THE HELL OFF BACK TO IT AND GET OUT OF ST LUCIA!!! Trump has given all of you cretins the freedom to hide behind a computer and spread your hate and unleash the bile that burns within you - but that's ok, because your time is nigh. I pray you are never on fire and need one of those negroes to piss on you. I also pray for your sake that I never hear of you shooting any 'negro' on this island because I will make it my lifetime duty to ensure that the force of the law is weighed on you.

  4. It's a damn shame Allan clean up Rodney bay the usually suspects are there every day the holigans are there everyday especially because verve that's where they lime it's a damn shame little punks I'm Soo angered by this.

    • STFUA those guys render vigilante justice to robbers....the police know for sure Rodney bay boys don't rob tourist......not too long ago a robber was chased and captured after snatching an elderly woman then handed to the police

  5. If now after this frightening experience these tourists say that Rodney Bay has become a SH*THOLE will they be labeled RACISTS?

  6. Where is Philip J Pierre and his crew of dumb heads, I take it crime don't affect them, why aren't they coming out an speak strongly against it, instead of wasting time talking about some GG nonsense dat does very little for the island development

  7. When will these people learn..........St Lucia has a lot of poverty and the tourist industry is all it has I fear it will go downhill very fast unless the authorities act NOW........You have a beautiful Island and we love to visit but if we read of incidents like this it will not last..........

    • Crime is all over one woman said when i said similar to her few years ago. I work for Nissan in Japan for 6 months, Nissan work force was close to 200,000 people at the time 1997. Nissan never lost a screw, out of that work force. St. Lucia is just 180,000 in population and the Jail facility is someone filled. Amazing things do happen to people when they tolerate the BS of our legally and politically corrupted system. This country going to suffer worst more, our educational system is failing us tremendously and the parents of broken homes and relationships just amplify it more. Bring back sculling in schools and when you complain home you get double. Gone are the days when a community will raise a kid compare to now you look at a kid or someone and they shoot you.

    • I get it there's lots of poverty but if you wanna rob someone, Rob another criminal or drug dealer.. Leave the fucking tourists alone

  8. I just can't understand what's going on with young ppl in this country. Go and sell coconuts or some thing to make a dollar, Wash cars to make a dollar. Now the U.S. Embassy with put am alert advisory for st lucia we advertising all over north America. I strongly belive the Government should have a law for these kind of crime Espically with a firearm. Send any one who commit such crime on visitors for 5 yrs to clean the streets and communities around the island for their crime monday to saturday to pay for the crime.....


    So When police was killing them kind of Fellas, St.lucians on their back Now They Lax Y'all Still Complaining, ya'll eh know What ya'll Want.
    Put Them in Jail is Eat They going To Eat,
    Then come out Do The same ****ry !
    Make Up Ya'll Minds Cause nothing is gonna get Better

    • Mary Francis is the one that wanted the police to stop arresting criminals. And incompetent media blasting her voice all over the airwaves and not being more in depth about the issue.

  10. Pate coocon mama yo enough is enough.

  11. St Lucie CA dasan pa Tet. Cote Mrs Human Rights. I live abroad, but one thing for sure anyone going to St Lucia on vacation and ask me information about the Island, I will not hesitate to tell them about the high crime volume. And who does not like it can kiss my royal .a...

    • I am going to St Lucia in March for the first time. I have done Jamaica and Barbados.
      I must admit I am a little concerned now as I travel alone.
      I won't be going out of the hotel complex after dark now. What a shame.
      As always fools like this will make it harder. Without tourism. Where would they be?

    • But I hear they arrested you up dere for stealing. So pot calling kettle black

  12. St. Lucia, you will pay dearly for this when the news becomes known state side. Tourists are not to be taken for granted. Your broke asses will suffer when we stop coming. You live in a "$hit-hole" country.

    • Shit hole country and you all still coming salop !! Don't get it twisted AHOLE. Your country is a racist HELL HOLE , SHIT HOLE PLACE!!

    • What these young fools did was utterly disgusting!! However you can stick your TRUMP quote where the sun don't shine ''all American'' AMERICA is the worst for robbery on tourist and their own. It happens everywhere all over the world. The fact is, St Lucia depends on tourism being its a small island and yes has poverty but it is far from a S-HOLE . Its beautiful and so are the majority of the citizens! nobody can deny that!!

    • Let's not get it twisted no one but the big hoteliers, cruise ships and tourist shops make money from tourist. So if you all drop coming it will be great, we won't have the Chinese trying to build a stupid race track down south, people won't try and make our beaches private,only for tourists.
      Truss me we need to back to exporting bannanas that way the whole island benefits, who benefits from tourism only the rich. I'm a Londoner I'm here on the island. born in london, lived in Lucia from age 3_7 years, came back every 7 years there after until early 2000 then I started coming every year some times 2-3 times a year, I've even stayed here straight for two years. I get extremely island vex when I see comments like this about the land if my fore fathers.
      If you don't like it fuck off back to where you can't from. I've been to USA it's shit loads of fucking fat people all over the place, old cars, old school busses, and lots of racsim. Never going back there in my life. You can have it and leave our simply beautiful St.Lucia alone

  13. You can have 5 star resorts in countries with extreme poverty. This type of theft is the result. Means of survival. Then later maybe found dead over the who gets to keep the iphone!!! Am just saying... the cycle can be so vicious.

  14. My problem with the police force in general is that they seemed more worried about stopping cars on the highways and checking for drivers licenses rather than than hitting where the real issues are, which is the ghettos and crime infested hotspots around the capital and other rural areas. It seems to me they make unwarranted reasons as to why they put all their efforts stopping normal everyday tax paying law abidding citizens on the roads rather than going after the real problem. I had a friend of mine from the UK come down and I lent him my car and he was so surprised, he said for the 2 weeks he was here he was stopped by traffic officers twice which amazed him. I'm gonna quote what he said, " for a little island so riddled with crime and murders for it's size the police force really seems to be putting all their efforts into traffic stops". The funny thing is he is a cop in Scotland Yard, he said it seems that all these cops can do down here and don't seem to know how to do anything else. He said it's a classic sign of bad management in the force. Police officials if anyone of you morons are hearing this, LEAVE TRAFFIC ALONE AND START DOING YOUR JOBS AND GOING AFTER THE CRIMINALS.

    • All what you said has been done before. How was the police force rewarded? Sanctioned by the US government. Not our fault buddy. We're not allowed to solve our issues effectively.

  15. Unbelievable. Our main tourist area with a police station 100 yards down the road with supposedly cameras in the area as well and yet this sort of thing can take place. Where are the police patrols? Why can’t we have police on mountain bikes in this area like south beach in Miami? One thing can be guaranteed and that is no one will be arrested as we are incapable of solving a single crime. The thieves must be getting very excited at the prospect of a new Hotel coming to the area with a lot more easy target. St. Lucia we are going down a slippery slope to nowhere.

  16. ALLYUH making nuff sport down there in St.Lucia yeah

  17. What a mess and they were advertising come visit us ... so sad and the iPhone is useless all they have to do is report it stolen and they can locate the damn thing ... why would someone want to visit st Lucia when these crimes go unsolved and happen daily.
    I can’t deal with this lawlessness time it get tough on crime if they want folks to come to the island.
    Thing is there are folks who know who the culprits are and refuse to speak up.

  18. Can anyone recall how many consecutive years that illegal guns have menaced St. Lucians? By now, one would think that measures would be in place that would put the fear of God into those criminals. Apparently it's not a big problem. Until the criminals screw the tourism industry, expect the usual bull from government. Antigua has managed to legislate one of the toughest laws against illegal guns.

    Chastenet said that he would reduce crime during his tenure. He didn't even have a plan in place the first day on the job. So much for credibility. Blessed is he who expects nothing, because ye shall not be disappointed.

  19. Well now youall will understand why trump refered to us as a "Shit HOLE" country......doh get vex we causing that Shit, Watch out Tourism.

  20. These deplorables are bent on giving this country bad press and image.

  21. Well ACP Frances says the police have learnt in 2017 ( took a damn long time) they are now armed with statistics and all kinds of plans and strategies and will be operational 24 hours a day in 2018. Eh bien melee.
    Talk is cheap.

  22. People now that's becoming even more ridiculous..
    When is it going to end? A toddler People?? A toddler??
    The francis' s have tied the hands of the police now they resort to drunk driving due to frustration. People we need to own back our streets.. Kenny Anthony you too were instrumental in messing with The Police after o.r.c
    We need O.r.c back people .. something drastic needs to be done so we can have peace in this land again

    • Kenny is not the prime minister anymore it's 2018 move on. Tackle your present silent prime minister on his dumfounded , denial, refusal, stupefy, stagger, daze, clueless, unaware, unmindful, unobservant, lazy lay back approach on the issue of crime that's gripping us in St Lucia daily.

    • Hey there, have you ever wondered why this government has yet to implement another ORC especially with this record high crime spree? Not even a reference or whisper of it from the bigwigs?

      It is because ORC is what got us under America's radar with those extra judicial killings and thus initiated the Leahy Law by the USA which resulted in Kenny 'D'evil Anthony commissioning his evil IMPACS Report in an effort to appease the US. I don't see another ORC happening now that the UK, Canada and the EU have joined in to apply pressure.

    • how did he

    • It was the former gvt at the time that messed up, creating ORC, resulting in the US gvt's action against the police force.

    • you cant have a 5 star resort in a 2 star country - if u dont share the wealth, desperate men will just take it

      • you have to EARN your share of the wealth. Lazy garbage thieves does not deserve wealth. Period!!

        St. Lucians listen, pull you heads out of you a$$es, this crime was not simply committed against these tourists, it was a crime against ALL of us. We will all eventually pay for this one way or the other.

      • What makes you think St Lucia is a 2 star country?

      • What makes you think ,St Lucia is only a 2 star country?

    • Stop making excuses for these guys, the police would be able to solve crimes if they had proper resources.but they don't want to invest in the police force only in tourism

      • Anon 1,
        You are absolutely right. They are focused on tourism, and it's obvious that they will be screwed by a criminal incident. Very myopic people. It's just a matter of time. Needless to say, they will shout"bodoos" as if they didn't see it coming. My advice to them, protect your business.

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