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New border control unit to improve safety, efficiency

By Ministry of the Public Service

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Minister Hermangild Francis

Minister Hermangild Francis

PRESS RELEASE – The Customs and Immigration departments along with the Marine Unit will soon form a new entity, the Border Control Unit.

The Border Control Unit will significantly augment the operations of Saint Lucia’s airports and seaports, Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security, Sen. Hon. Hermangild Francis said.

All officers assigned to the unit will receive training.

“Two senior officers—one, a former comptroller of Customs and the other, a senior immigrations officer—are tasked with making the recommendations,” Sen. Francis said. “As a tourist destination, we must make the transitions from the airplane or ship to the waiting bus a much quicker process.”

The Border Control Unit is expected to be launched in the 2017.

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  1. Mr. minister
    There is no issue when tourists come through. That line flows by slippery ice.
    The issue is when nationals and caricom members come through, it is immediately assumed that they have something to hide. They get chastised by customs. Why can't they search randomly? No idiot is bringing drugs from Europe or America to stlucia. Customs aim is to disenfranchise the locals whilst allowing the tourists to come through with everything and pass it on to sell locally.

  2. They will soon need a inland immigration system to get rid of all thees illegal jamaicans, trinis and guyanese on our island.

    We now have to do a trump lol..

    • Yes we are quick to jump on our CARICOM brothers and sisters when it comes to immigration matters especially when it has to do with jobs. But what is being done about the large amount of illegal immigrants from Europe and North America working in this country without work permits. Some are even members of the architectural association in st.lucia. can you imagine! Then again they are white.

    • Same will allpy for the US

  3. Why the hell are we bent on reinventing the wheel? I always thought that the protection and security of our borders was the responsibility of customs and immigration. What would they be doing differently under this new unit " border control " that they are not doing now? Our immigration and customs officers are just too lazy, shiftless and ARROGANT, that is why it takes so long to process incoming passengers to this country. Customs officers consumed with searching for items to confiscate which usually ends up at their homes. Immigration officer behave like st,lucia is their personal property.
    As long as that mentality behavior persists, you can give that unit whatever name you want, nothing that are aiming for will be achieved.
    When I was growing up, I always thought customs officers was chosen from a pool of angry, unhappy, wicked, envious, unfriendly, thieves, morons and incapable of love people.

    • Chico chico...When I was growing up, I always thought customs officers was chosen from a pool of angry, unhappy, wicked, envious, unfriendly, thieves, morons and incapable of love people.
      ...And what has changed now?


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