New book offers readers a rare glimpse of vanishing Saint Lucian architecture

New book offers readers a rare glimpse of vanishing Saint Lucian architecture

A new publication highlighting the Ti Kay, a disappearing part of Saint Lucian architecture launches on May 9, 2013.

Written by Elma Felix, Ti Kay Nou will walk the reader through small wooden houses which are a disappearing part of our local landscape.

All eleven districts on the island are represented, making Ti Kay Nou the first publication to specifically focus on traditional vernacular architecture within Saint Lucia.

In some way or another, we have all captured images of old houses around Saint Lucia. Something about them commands our attention and draws our interest. In this book, architectural history is examined from the human perspective.

Ti Kay Nou is a well-defined research of the structure and significance of early dwellings in Saint Lucia. The book sheds a new light on the skills and techniques employed in the construction of these buildings, giving a fresh interpretation of their use which will no doubt enhance the political, cultural and social objectives for future architects.

Notable contributors include Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, Eric Milton Branford, and the famous Jah Lamb, who all share special stories about the Ti Kay, the role it plays within our society and the benefits of preserving our built heritage.

Excerpts from The Antilles, Nobel Laureate speech of the Honourable Derek Walcott, introduces the reader to the concept of our vanishing history.

Two editions of Ti Kay Nou will be available for purchase; a special edition hardcover and a standard edition paperback. The books will be available at all Sunshine Bookstore locations, through the book’s official website, and through the Inner Gallery Art Exhibition at the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

A launch for Ti Kay Nou will take place on May 9th 2013 at Jambe de Bois at the historic Pigeon Island National Landmark at 6 pm. Media houses and all interested are encouraged to attend. A painting created by the cover’s artist Shay Cozier will be given away to a lucky patron.


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