New bill regulates medical research

New bill regulates medical research


GIS – The Clinical Trials Bill will govern medical research on human subjects in Saint Lucia.

Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations the Hon. Alvina Reynolds presented the Clinical Trials Bill to the House of Assembly on Jan. 29.

The bill calls for the establishment of legislation to govern medical research on human subjects in Saint Lucia. The studies will help determine the strategies, treatment and devices needed to positively impact illness and disease.

“Not many regional territories have a Clinical Trial Bill or any legislation to govern such research,” Minister Reynolds said. “In Saint Lucia, we have stepped in the right direction.”

The bill will regulate medical research methods, and includes the appointment of an ethics committee. The committee will oversee the protection of the rights, safety, well being and confidentiality of subjects. It will also be called upon to review applications of opinions and to conduct ethical assessments which will determine whether a clinical trial is warranted.

“Any matter pertaining to health is serious,” she continued, “so [there are several] layers and bodies to ensure that we go through the proper guidelines and protocols, to make certain that research is done properly.”

The Clinical Trials Bill is seen as an opportunity to position Saint Lucia as a world class location for clinical growth.


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  1. Apparently, Alvina is not going for the offer to vacate the post like PEP and Lewis, so the party is trying to push her through her Ministry. I think it is already broken beyond repair.


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