Baker shot during Beausejour robbery

By SNO Staff

A baker was shot yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 12) during a robbery in Beausejour, Gros Islet, according to reliable sources.

The incident occurred about 1:30 p.m. at a grocery shop and bakery.

Reports are that three masked gunmen came into the business establishment and demanded cash from the female cashier.

During the robbery, a baker, who is said to be in his 20’s, was shot in the lower back.

The baker and the cashier were the only ones in the shop at the time.

The gunmen escaped with “not much” cash, according to a source.

The baker was treated at hospital and sent home.

“The bullet is still logged there (in his lower back) but [he] was sent home and was asked to return to see the surgeon in the morning,” a source told St. Lucia News Online.

Police are investigating.

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  1. Come on Chef City get the young man the medical attention he deserves... Such a shame

  2. People from doctors to thieves have no love in their hearts for their fellow human beings

  3. @The baker was treated at hospital and sent him' .come on SLNOL are u all illiterate?

  4. Some body needs to make an example of these people at the hospital , they were suppose to call a surgeon right away this is an emergency , I dont believe that crap . I have two sons and cant imagine that happening to them its unbearable. Take a stand mom dad take this to the media the only way they will do something for this young man you need to expose them then thhey run so people dont know whats going on ridiculous!!!

  5. Welcome to sweet St.lucia

  6. Upon returning to the hospital this morning the young baker was examined and was told the bullet could not be found and that he should return in 4 weeks to see another suregon yes you heard me right!. In the mean time he is at home in pain. He was given pain killers which does not really help and antibiotics. This is the change we were promised? Do we really care about human life here? I am pissed!!! Can someone in the medical field help him please????

  7. and the ones that are legally arm waving they gun on under age children and frightening to burst up they face with the firearm. Because they under age daughter claim they laugh at her even when they in the rum shop and bar slamming it on the counter top the criminals not going behind these kind of fools . Because our system works on a who know who bracket .

  8. Operation Restore Confidence is needed again...

    Please guys, I know you got burnt the last time y'all tried to save us from the lawlessness this seems to start looking like now, but we need y'all. Please. Please...

    Put yourselves on the line for us one more time... Please.

  9. Are you serious? It has come to a point where criminals are shooting bakers. Those bakers wake up early and work hard to have prepared early in the morning. To add insult to injury, his medical needs are not even met. My heart out to the young guy.

    The blame for the horrendous crime situation lay squarely on the politicians... both parties. They are POS. All mouth and no action. By taking no action over the years they have created this present situation. It's called wilful neglect. Disgusted.

  10. that's my biggest fears in st lucia if I get hurt what health care is available. I feel so sorry for this young man who was working an honest job to take care of him self and family. they need to shoot and kill those losers.. fu***k them up don't spear their lives.

  11. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    He gave a mighty shout: "Babylon is fallen - that great city is fallen! She has become a home for demons. She is a hideout for every foul spirit, a hideout for every foul vulture and every foul and dreadful animal."

    – Revelation 18: 2

  12. People when gunman come and rob let them take what they want and serve your life,

  13. Good people of St. Lucia,
    Be afraid, be very afraid. These Niggers walk amongst us. Today a simple baker, tomorrow YOU!

  14. Shame an disgraceful..sent home with a bullet an come back in the morning..why a surgeon wasn't called..ridiculous

  15. This is so ridiculous..why they didn't call a surgeon or kept him at he hospital..shame a disgracegul

  16. I am so incredibly pissed off! I mean someone lost their life a few days ago because some a**holes wanted to rob freaking Dominos. And now somebody could have lost their life for a few dollars from a bakery? Are you kidding me? These criminals better realise they are going to do that shit to the wrong person! I mean if you a real bad man, keep it 100, tell the people step aside for you to take the money if that's what you really want. But no, it's a movie or a video game so they have to be trigger happy. Good for nothing pieces of shyt! And after that, they still hungry, they still have bad days, they are still not satisfied and they will never be happy in their miserable lives. God help them!

  17. The people must be protected by any means necessary within the law. Use any strategy that works. Give the people limited powers for self defense . Free up the police force, and let the operations begin. The cops need not be afraid, if they move in gangs. Drastic measures must be utilized to induce fear, fear of the consequences for committing crimes.

  18. massive and crew, all you good law abiding citizens, owners of shops, businesses etc, pedestrians walking home from work, the time has come to arm yourself with any type of gun you can and shoot these pieces of shit whenever they try to rob. i do not condone violence but this is ridiculous, the law cant do anything for us and lawless people, criminals, thieves etc escaping with committing crimes. i'm sick and tired of that shoot dem dead.

    • Arming yourself is illegal my friend. Imagine if the baker had shot and killed those pieces of trash. He would be arrested and charged. Mind you firearms are only for the elite and those with friends in high places.

    • Is best people forget that whole legal and illegal talk and get armed. The government isn't trying to help you, the police aren't trying to help you. I would much prefer to shoot to kill a piece of scum who comes to harm my family and deal with the consequences afterward. Would you rather sit back and watch your daughter/wife raped or be victimized by criminals waving guns while the police busy in rum shops? the wealthy citizens are all armed under the guise of legality, meanwhile, the plebs are left for the wolves with no shepherd to watch over them. Don't wait for your turn to be killed in a home invasion.

  19. People are trying to provide jobs to feed their family because times are hard. They work very hard to make a little dollar because what they do is on a small scale. At the end of all your sweat and hard work a bunch of cowards walk in with guns and masks to conceal their identity because they are afraid of facing jail time and take what's yours and shoots an employee. This young man is a hard and delicated worker and he did not deserve to shot. Right now he is in a lot of pain with this bullet still lodge in his lower back. And to the government I ask the question. Why wasn't a surgeon on call at VH ? Why was he sent home and asked to come back the following day to see the surgeon? What the hell is going on in this country?? The more things change the more they remain the same!!!

    • never heard so much sh**t... why would you send the guy home with a bullet in his back and asked him to come back? he made it to the hospital... I guess they have NO emergency doctors on hand in the hospital.

  20. “The bullet is still logged there (in his lower back) but [he] was sent home and was asked to return to see the surgeon in the morning,” a source told St. Lucia News Online.


  21. “The bullet is still logged there (in his lower back) but [he] was sent home and was asked to return to see the surgeon in the morning,”


  22. Really? Sent home ith the bullet still in his lower back only to return when a surgeon is on duty ... What in the hell?

  23. Bullet still in back. Shot yesterday. Treated and send home and ask to come to see surgeon today, oh may. Killing hard working people for just a few dollars. Once someone is seen with mask on, an alarm should be raised; after all there is no use to be wearing mask in a hot country like st lucia. Pray this man is alright. And hope they catch these no good, worthless shit.

    • Was sent home and ask to return the following day when surgeon is available....on another note it only take a mask man/men sec if possible any alarm can be raised!.....i swear those gnikcuf bastards need to get bullets in their skull now that they are targeting hard working citizens.

  24. "Was sent home" !? And told to come to see the surgeon tomorrow? What BS is this?


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