New AG appointed

New AG appointed
Stephen Julien
Stephen Julien
Stephen Julien

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced the appointment of a new Attorney General (AG) in the person of former Saint Lucia Consul General to Canada and former magistrate Stephen Julien.

The prime minister made this disclosure on Wednesday evening during a live television interview.

Chastanet said he has tremendous respect for Julien, describing him as a man of energy, vision and passion.

He also said that one of the most successful AG in the United Kingdom has agreed to mentor Julien.

The new AG will be sworn in this morning, following his appointment by the Public Service Commission.

His appointment comes several days after another former magistrate, Kim St Rose, vacated the post of AG, having spent her last day on the job on Friday, October 14, 2016.

St. Rose, is the claimant in a case against Chastanet, alleging breach of trust and misfeasance in public office, and became part of his cabinet by default, a civil servant appointed by a commission.

Chastanet had said, “She finds it difficult to give any advice and has offered no advice on that matter.”

St Rose was appointed under the former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration and her contract was renewed several months before the June, 2016 election. It was expected to last until 2018.


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  1. So technically our AG is actually Deputy AG.

    Two wages being paid 1. Deputy AG and 2. Mentor.

    Bravo, excellent way of curbing expenditure.

    Sounds like the PM doesn't have confidence in his appointed AG. Very contradicting paragraphs ie 3 and 4.

    If you have "tremendous respect for Julien, describing him as a man of energy, vision and passion." then why the need for the "most successful AG in the United Kingdom..."

    That mentor will command a very very LUCRATIVE salary my assumption would be that he/she will be on more than what the AG will be on.

    Why didn't the interviewer press the interviewee to elaborate on this mentorship!


  2. St Rose is not the claimant in the case. The AG by extension the GOSL is the claimant in the matter. Will the AG withdraw the case for political reasons. If this is done how then can we go in the media and say justice is being served. If no wrong doing has been done let the court rule such.


  3. My many other strong headed attorneys out there whom are better qualified and experienced than Mr. Julien...I do hope he does well.


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