New Anglican Archdeacon in St. Lucia believes in “grassroot” gospel outreach

By SNO Staff

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Archdeacon Glasgow

Newly-appointed Archdeacon of the Anglican Church of Saint Lucia, Christian Glasgow, plans to understand and tackle Saint Lucia’s social issues at the grassroot level.

The Vincentian national said church ceremonies are not enough to reach and connect with the people.

He said going into the communities and getting to know the people will be part of his efforts to understand “the St. Lucian context”.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Castries.

“I personally believe the love of God is extremely important, understanding the love of God, his care and concern for all and sundry is going to be very important in dealing with issues here. For me, yes as a minister of the gospel, there are the ceremonies and the worship, and all of that, but these make absolutely no sense if they don’t take root within the community where people live. You can’t preach the gospel without first of all reaching the people where they are,” Glasgow told HTS and other media representatives.

He added: “If there is any role that I can play it will require that I first understand the context of these issues, and so for the first month or so I will be spending time trying to understand the St. Lucian context. I’ve functioned in Grenada which would be a different context from St. Lucia. And I think any person who is serious about offering solutions must first of all understand the context of the issues. For its within the context of the issues that you will find the solutions.”

Glasgow said he will surround himself with individuals “who can advise me on these issues and after prayerful thought and consideration then we can go about solutions”.

Glasgow served in Grenada

“For me to get myself enveloped into the community around here… I believe ministry has to take place at the grassroot level, and I believe whatever issues they are, we first have to understand them from where they emanate. And so an important thing for me would be to walk the streets of these areas and to get to know people and to understand people.”

Glasgow will be formally inducted as Rector for the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and Archdeacon for the four Anglican churches in Saint Lucia at a ceremony on April 25, 2018.

Glasgow, who served as Archdeacon of Grenada from 2011 succeeds Archdeacon Randolph Evelyn who retired in 2015 after serving for 40 years.

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