NEMO urges residents to follow weather reports for updates

NEMO urges residents to follow weather reports for updates


PRESS RELEASE – The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) wishes to encourage all Saint Lucians to continue to listen to subsequent weather reports for updates.

NEMO also takes the opportunity to remind the public of the following measures which should be observed when a flood watch or warning is issued:

-Monitor weather conditions.

-Check for rising water levels in the area.

-Tune into radio or TV for emergency instructions.

-Any electrical items stored on low shelves should be moved to higher areas where water levels will not be expected.

-Double check that important documents have been moved to higher ground.

-Keep your Disaster Survival Kit in an easily accessible location in case you are told to evacuate immediately.

– Begin to store drinking water in sealable containers.

Additionally, during a flood, the following measures are recommended:

– Turn off your water, electricity and gas supply at the main switches. Disconnect all electrical devices/appliances.

– Store additional drinking water if needed.

– Do not drive through a flooded road. Just a few inches of water can cause your car to float and actual water depth isn’t always obvious. The roadbed may have collapsed or been washed out under the water and you could get trapped or stranded.

– Never play in high water or storm drains; you may get swept away by fast-moving water. Avoid swimming in flooded areas as the water often contains bacteria, downed utility lines or chemicals that may cause harm.

– Don’t attempt to cross rivers or flowing streams if water is above the knees.

– Remember that some devices such as televisions can shock you even after they have been unplugged. Do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water.


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