NEMO urges citizens to remain alert even after hurricane season

NEMO urges citizens to remain alert even after hurricane season
The Piaye Bridge in the Southwest of Saint Lucia was washed away. Photo Credit* Global Voice Online.
The Piaye Bridge washed away during the trough.  Photo Credit* Global Voice Online.

The official hurricane season comes to an end on November 30, but the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) is advising citizens to remain alert for any further possible bad weather events, beyond that period.

NEMO Director Velda Joseph told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that NEMO have seen events impacting St. Lucia outside of the season and as such persons should remain alert.

“We do really want to encourage persons to prepare throughout, for weather related events, as well any other disasters that might impact us at any time,” Joseph explained.

Joseph said persons should not get tricked into believing that there is no need to be alert, after the official hurricane season ends.

The NEMO director pointed to the situation where St. Lucia was affected by the Christmas Eve trough.

The island recorded 17.1 millimeters of rainfall within a 24 hour period, during this disaster.

Widespread and severe flooding occurred in Central Castries, Bexon, Anse-La-Raye, Micoud, Vieux Fort, Dennery, Soufriere and other communities.

Joseph also pointed out that the island has in the past been affected by hurricanes, occurring outside of the official hurricane season.

“So we want persons to remain on guard and be cognizant of the fact that things are shifting…we really do not see a designed season for impacts anymore, so it’s almost like the events happen anytime,” she said.

St. Lucia was advised that the present hurricane season will be a below average season. As a result of this, not a lot of the events have impacted St. Lucia.

“We have had minimal damage during the earlier part of the hurricane season,” Joseph told SNO.


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  1. We are prone to landslides at any given time with excessive rainfall. One should be vigilant at any given season.


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