NEMO continues preparation for Atlantic hurricane season

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – June 1 is the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season and NEMO has not been sitting idle.

The organisation, in partnership with USAID, has conducted a shelter management training exercise for disaster committee members of the south.

Facilitator of the training, Lindy Eristhee, said the organisation is mindful of the start date of the hurricane season and is therefore being proactive and empowering persons in becoming competent shelter managers.

“It provides them with various skills, knowledge as to what is entailed at a shelter; what are some of the skills required of a shelter manager, in order to ensure that our shelterees are comfortable when they do get to the shelter; when those shelters are activated and those persons are assisted at those shelters. It also provides an opportunity for further empowerment of our various disaster committees and also principals and alternate who will serve as shelter managers,” she told HTS.

The trainer pointed out some of the areas covered in the sessions.

She said: “It’s an opportunity to provide persons with role play scenarios where they can role play …at the shelter and also it entails a lot of discussion and presentations of various models as to what is a shelter, the selection of a shelter, as well as the team, the shelter management team, and some of the problems which would actually exist at the shelter, ways of resolving these problems and some of the operations at the shelter. Again, all focusing on becoming very effective and ensuring that persons are comfortable at the shelter.”

She added: “We noticed that there is a need for informing, for educating persons in this area. They are not just women, but we also have men who are part of our cadre of persons who are being trained here. And its also a way of creating a more informed or resourceful group of persons as well, in that particular field.”

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  1. Good morning, please advise in what countries the shelter managers are being trained.
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