Neighbours end up in court over blocked drain dispute

Neighbours end up in court over blocked drain dispute

After four months of case management and adjournments, neighbours disputing a threatening language charge attempted a peaceful solution in the form of mediation.

A neighbourly dispute over a drain is what begun this journey for Simeon Jn Phillip and Jeff Lambert.

In building his home, Jn Phillip allegedly blocked a drain located near the border of his property and on the property of his neighbour, Lambert.

Lambert confronted Jn Phillip, and in the ensuing exchange, it is alleged that Jn Phillip used threatening language toward him.  The matter was duly reported and brought to trial.

Less than a hour in the mediation department with investigating officer WPC 819 Larna Nicholas on Tuesday, Jn Phillip was placed on a one-year bond with the alternative of one month at Bordelais.

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