Dr Anthony expresses sorrow after missing St. Lucian fishermen found dead in Puerto Rico

Dr Anthony expresses sorrow after missing St. Lucian fishermen found dead in Puerto Rico
42-year-old boat captain Mervin Gilbert and 33-year-old Jermaine Edward
42-year-old boat captain Mervin Gilbert and 33-year-old Jermaine Edward

Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Hon Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, joins his constituents of Vieux Fort South in expressing condolences to two families in Vieux Fort who are in mourning following the deaths of two young fishermen at sea.

Several weeks ago, the two young fishermen were reported missing at sea.

Reports reaching Saint Lucia, indicate that the two young fishermen have been found dead in their boat adrift off the coast of Puerto Rico.

According to Dr. Anthony, “from time to time, our fishers experience difficulties at sea. Sometimes, we are fortunate and they are found drifting. This particular incident is painful because the two fishermen must have faced a very difficult and agonizing situation. This one hurts to the core. I extend my sympathy and condolences to the families of the fishers as well as the entire fishing community of Vieux Fort South who constantly put their lives at risk to earn their livelihoods. I sincerely hope that the authorities will extend assistance to the families to return the bodies to Saint Lucia to give the two young men a decent and fitting burial.”


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  1. My husband and I know the father of Jermaine Edward. We are beyond heartbroken to hear this travesty. We are sending love and prayers to both families and all their friends. His father Thomas has a heart of gold. This is absolutely devastating.


  2. Our fishermen have to be extra careful especially now a days because the weather is unpredictable. Time has changed. Hope the Prime minister contact the Puerto Rico Government so that their bodies can be safely return to their home land. We have lost so many fishermen for the past few years. And most of them are from the south. My condolences to the family and friends.


  3. I was really praying for a miracle. This is really sad news. I feel for their families, especially the unborn baby who will never know his/her father.


  4. St Lucian's love to much f_ _ _ing politics..where in the message did he mention about paying fishermen and all this crap you all typing? The man is like all of us he's only sympathising with wit the family n friends cha man..like for the rest of you all lives everything that goes wrong blame Kenny, I call it operation blame Kenny..move on man cha


  5. That's crazy no support in the country we need more equipment for the fishmen and better boats do better the priminister of st lucia


  6. He gave tax breaks to the wealthy hotel owners. Where were the subsidies for our fishermen?

    Give us break. Don't come now with crocodile tears.


    • Some people with too many useless degrees believe that the rest of us without so many of those are really dumb. The arrogance of these such idiots.


  7. Bull crap Kenny!!! Slip was in power same thing was happening. Fishermen not getting paid for mths . What we want is customs to allow us to import safety equipment such as flares , GPS, flashlight , fishfinders, compasses, etc duty free like how sandals is doing .


    • Two people lost their lives but all you'll can think of is politics. .smh instead of consoling the families of these young men .this could have been anyone of our families. .rest easy .


  8. Lets hear from the spin doctors and agitators who like to turn everything or anything into politics (they know who they are) Condolences to the families for this tragic lost.


  9. also what ever happend to that saint lucian guy they kidnapped in Trinidad and say he is in Venezuela has that case gone cold. did his cousin pay up the money owed?


  10. you know one thing i cant understand. it is true the sea is a very large place, the coast guards are always on the sea and before any thing they can locate drugs. now these days the drug dealers say the coast guard monitors the sea with a drone but you mean to tell me its weeks these guys are missing and no coast guard on the sea from the many countries in and around the Caribbean could not see that boat? wah man


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