Near drowning of child at Vigie Beach

By SNO Staff

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Vigie beach

A toddler escaped death at the Vigie Beach today, Dec. 13 as the country observes National Day.

According to law enforcement sources, a two-year-old girl of Corinth, Gros Islet was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance after a near drowning incident at the beach, around 4 p.m.

The sources told St. Lucia News Online that the child’s mother and her friends were on the beach when the mother turned her back for a “second or two”.

By the time the mother turned around, the child had wandered into the water, and was only submerged for a short period of time before she was pulled out of the water by friends, according to the sources.

The child was fully conscious and alert when the ambulance arrived on the scene.

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  1. Don't tell me swimming arm bands are difficult to find in Saint Lucia!
    Yes she is responsible for exposing her toddler to a potential danger.
    By the way a toddler doesn't run again + enter the sea + drown in 2 seconds...

  2. salbet yall will hear and learn. yall still not taking concern from that fiasco with the Canadian doctor and child in vieux fort. YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF YOUR CHILD EVEN FOR TWO SECONDS NEVER!!!!!!!

  3. Thank the Lord she's ok.

    To those who are critising the mother or want to apportion blame I use to be like you'll until I had my baby.

    As parents we do our utmost best to always keep an eye on our babies/children however the reality is it can happen to any good loving parent.

    Which one of you critics who are parents can honestly say you never not even for a second took your eyes of your child/baby in they upbringing? - Let you conscience be your guide - Rhetorical question

  4. If you say that this is such a careless act and it can occur within seconds then why are you still using your cell phone while driving? That's because we like to criticize even without knowing the full circumstances, while we either remain mum or continue some careless practice.

    Have you recently thought of the damage that you could cause by spending a few seconds watching the screen of your phone?

  5. Too bad wasn't a muslim nearby she could blame for this.

  6. Very careless on the part of the mother!! Smfh..your focus had to be on that baby at all.times it seemed that you all got too caught up i. What was less important than the baby!!..but glad the little one was saved..thank you Lord.

    • Let us not place one is perfect not even you!!!! Thank you Lord this little one is okay.

      • Why are you being apologetic and overly sympathetic? How can you not place blame?

        A life was placed in her care and her negligence nearly caused an intelligent existence to disappear. She is to blame. Recognition of your faults, accepting responsibility for the consequences of your blunders and putting in the effort to address the shortcoming is essential to improving as a person and as a society.

        This "boohoo it's not your fault" mentality which seems to permeate through our society, where no one accepts responsibility for anything and no one steps up and says "ok i messed up" is one of the reasons we are such a rut as a country.

  7. Oh Thank you our Heavenly Father, A life is a terrible thing to waste.
    Let this be a lesson to us as parents. Our main focus should be on our children., which includes the environment they are in. Thanks .


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