Near-drowning incident at Pigeon Point

Near-drowning incident at Pigeon Point

Officials have confirmed that a five-year-old boy was hospitalised after what they described as a “near drowning” incident at Pigeon Point this afternoon.

The boy identified as Donovan Yessen was transported to Victoria Hospital in stable condition, officials said.

Emergency officials received the report minutes before 4 p.m.

Circumtances surrounding the incident were not immediately available.


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  1. I never departed from my son or left him unsttended of home alone except he was ar preschool. Even there I picked him up myself. He was 14 years old I let him go to school alone. Wonder about children walking alone on the road. ...


  2. With kids u need to be vigilant . If we as individuals mind our business, gossip less and put our kids first makig sure they enter the water accompanied by an adult it will be safer. I have a 2 yr old from the time we enter the water am holding her till we ready to get out. But my eyes would not leave her..


  3. You see this is why I don't want my 4 year old to go to the Beach with my Niece and her kid's cause children can be trouble some curious ,and you definitely need more than one pair of eyes, am not comfortable at all, I must be there,


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