NDI mourns the murder of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox

NDI mourns the murder of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox

cox-large_trans++LrSseiYmS3q0g1a2ZonCzfu71rHW4c6CZgzFsIKZCC0PRESS RELEASE – NDI mourns the tragic death of Jo Cox, a British member of parliament who was murdered today by a man who waited for her to emerge from a regular open meeting in which constituents meet with their representatives to discuss their concerns.

“The murder of Jo Cox is a reminder that an elected leader’s life should not be the cost of doing politics,” said Sandra Pepera, director of Gender, Women and Democracy at the National Democratic Institute. “Tragic events like these discourage women and men from coming into politics, but we know they have a particularly deep impact on young women’s aspirations.”

Considered a “rising star” in Britain’s parliament, Ms. Cox was elected to office in May 2015. She was an outspoken advocate for refugees and civilian victims in Syria and chaired the Labour Women’s Network. Through her work as a senior advisor at Freedom Fund, she campaigned against modern slavery and other domestic and workplace abuses. Earlier in her career, she was an aid worker with Oxfam, traveling to some of the most dangerous places in the world in order to improve the lives of those around her. Jo Cox was a beloved wife and mother of two.

NDI expresses its deepest sympathy to Ms. Cox’s family, friends and constituents. The Institute promises to stand up so violence is not the cost of participating in politics — for anyone.



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  1. I do not know how to put my emotions into words that convey my anger and distress for the murder of Jo Cox. Politicians are the servants of the people like other servants: police, doctors and teachers, their deaths naturally will cause outrage. We do not often find a sincere, brilliant young star with such devotion and passion for enabling the marginalised to have a voice. In her short political life, she has touched many lives.

    Rest in eternal peace Jo and may your passion and vision for the world live on.


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