NCPC Innovative Secondary Schools Project documentary to air on DBS

NCPC Innovative Secondary Schools Project documentary to air on DBS


PRESS RELEASE – Continuously upgrading our schools and teaching methods is essential to nurturing and cultivating an environment where problem solvers and innovators who will help build a competitive Saint Lucia, can thrive. This is important as, at the core of country competitiveness is the quality of the human resources of a nation.

The face of education has transformed drastically in the past decade. A look at the modern education landscape reveals a shift towards the implementation of more innovative practices and policies in schools worldwide.

In some schools, innovation can be seen in the use of instructional technology in classrooms while in others this innovation is translated in the way schools are managed/organized.

In an attempt to enhance St. Lucia’s productivity and competitiveness climate, the NCPC has placed the spotlight on the youth in inculcating a mindset change with the intention of nurturing a new generation of citizens who are productive and competitive.

The NCPC’s Innovative Secondary Schools Documentary seeks to highlight some of the innovative projects being undertaken by Secondary Schools in Saint Lucia.

It is hoped that this will not only inspire and encourage other schools and individuals to follow suit but similar will be the catalyst for advocating for a supportive environment that embraces innovation in key sectors such as education.

(Tune in to DBS at 8:00pm on Wednesday, November 23rd to view this documentary.)


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