Jacmel Minibus Assn meet with residents

Jacmel Minibus Assn meet with residents
Gros Islet minibus park in Castries.

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The Jacmel Minibus Association hosted a meeting recently with residents of Jacmel, Anse La Raye to iron a number of issues.

President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) Godfrey Ferdinand told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Monday (Feb.8) that the council was invited along with the Ministry of Transport.

The association along with executives from both organisations managed to address these issues, which were mostly operational related, Ferdinand related.

Among the issues raised by residents were the current transportation fees, conditions of minibuses and roads, customer service issues with drivers, among several others.

“Some of the things that were raised points to the fact that people were not aware of their rights or the regulations within the Traffic Act both for the operator as well as the commuter,” he explained.

Ferdinand said the discussion was fruitful and at the end, both parties left the meeting feeling satisfied especially with the attendance of the council and members of the ministry.

The NCOPT, he said, plans to host several more similar meetings in communities that have outstanding issues which they would like to see addressed by the council.

Ferdinand told SNO that the council plans to educate the citizenry of their rights and to continue to meet with it members to ensure that they operate professionally and to the benefit of the travelling public.

The NCOPT said it is also happy with the current price for fuel, noting that it will bring a lot of relief to minibus drivers operating across all districts of the island.


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  1. Anse la Raye bus drivers are the worst in st.lucia....They take forever to get you to your destination with deplorable buses....They also take the convenience of bringing you to the gas station or bringing their passengers along with them on their own personal endeavours....while you are just waiting to reach your destination...I think the government needs to take ownership of the bus system and have coasters which run every hour...this minibus system is RUBBISH!!


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