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Natty Conqueror releases new music video

By St. Lucia News Online

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Saint Lucia-based reggae artiste Natty Conqueror has announced the release of his first music video for 2019, ‘True Love”.

Natty Conqueror, whose real name is Natty Charles Martyr, told St. Lucia News Online that the music video (see video below story), which he calls his “premiere”, was officially released last Mother’s Day.

The single was taken from his new 15-track album, ‘Universal’, which was officially released earlier this month.

Martyr said after producing dozens of official music videos over the past 23 years, he is “now stepping up to a higher level of producing high quality videos in high definition format, to reach a wider audience and viewers around the world”.

“Over the years I’ve been doing lots of film production on my own with many different high definition cameras, getting advice from different cameramen from the media houses, and also worked with television personals, who have also contributed into filming some of my music video footage. Now I’ve upgraded my own film production to a higher standard by using a 4K digital camera,” he said.

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  1. Go Natty, do your thing rasta the sky is the limit Iya.

    Nah let the fool ya nor try to rearrange ya

    cuz all dem be is down pressar a man and keep ya head below watar


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