National Youth Council mourns Linus Constantine

National Youth Council mourns Linus Constantine
The body found in Marisule on April 15, 2014 was positively identified this week as Linus Constantine.
The body found in Marisule, Gros Islet on April 15, 2014 was positively identified this week as Linus Constantine.

On the announcement of the disturbing news on the confirmation of the death of Linus Constantine the National Youth Council has been plunged into deep grief, knowing that we have suffered such a great loss.

It is beyond heartbreaking to know that a young man who has so passionately through youth parliament, debated on the motion of impacts of crime would so one day be the victim and be taken away from us.

Linus was extraordinary exemplified. Passionate, determined, proactive, vibrant and eloquent. He was an active member of the National Youth Council, was very strategic in his leadership of his alma mater’s student council body, Leon Hess Comprehensive and also involved in the South Castries Youth and Sports Council. His passion transcended through his constant advocacy on various talk shows both television and radio, in his personal interactions and through his presentations during youth parliament.

The NYC condemns any form of violence especially violence against youth and youth on youth violence.

NYC therefore implores young people to seek conflict resolution methods before resorting to violence whether verbal or physical. Young people are also encouraged to become peer meditators and be their brother’s keeper at their schools and in their social environments. We further encourage parents, teachers and guardians to pay attention to the emotional, mental and psychological health of children and young people and to combat signs of aggression and violence from as early as possible.

There is further need for societal and national inclusion, and we should continue to uphold the principle that ‘it takes a community to raise a child.’ Amidst the many cultural and media influences that glorify individualism, it is imperative that we remain mindful of the values that will ever keep us grounded as human beings; that of respect, love and trust.

Linus’s passion will be continuously driven and upheld through NYC, his life will be celebrated and his determination towards his work applauded.

NYC extends sincerest condolences to the family and close friends of Linus. He will forever be missed.



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  1. Linus called me and begged me to come see him in Corinth to speak it was late he had something to say to me but i told him i am living to far to come down there..i now regret not going to see him maybe he was in trouble and couldn't speak much this is why we need to drop whatever we doing when a friend calls..would linus be alive today if i went to listen to him was it a cry for help..i am hurt i am sad..he was a good friend i let him down..and i believe he went missing that same week..with all the technology bow can't they get some form of dna come on st lucia..


  2. Why isn't it the police asking the right questions, like who is woman linus was involved with and how is it possible that his attackers got her phone to call linus. Some of the truth is already out just finish it so the boy family and have some peace, as far as I concerned there are 3 people involved and the police should ask questions from his friends cause I am sure linus must have said something to at least one of them. If he had his cell phone that night you'll can track it to see if any of his attackers still have it or sold it, I mean for a small island we really need to upgrade our technology


  3. Mr.Speaker, our hearts are deeply saddened by your loss. You were really passionate about youth development. The same thing we all debated, youth crime is the same thing u lost your life to. It hurts because its like what was the purpose of these debates? Did no one hear our cries, burdens, the issues that affects all youth.
    I can promise you one thing, we will continue to advocate against the issues that affects us all until somebody hears us.


  4. Remember the government built a monument for 2 guys in Denney, in my view for no good reason? The NYC should have that same government build a monument for Mr. Constantine as a role model for the Youth and against Crime.


  5. Well said. He as indeed an exemplary individual and anyone who knew Linus Knew that. And had he not been brutally murdered in that way, he would have and i say with full confidence he would put st Lucia on the map. God knows best so now let us pur our trust him as we go throughout this period of closure. Hope justice is served. I pray that his family and friends find comfort during this time.

    The Youth Parliamentarians of 2013 has lost a great leader and a great friend. Especially Devin, Zachery, Geena, Vernesta, Rashad, Armanie, Anita, Carina, Kerissa, Nynia, Ezbai and so many more.

    May his sweet soul Rest in Perfect Peace.


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