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National Symposium on social transformation via strategic youth empowerment

By Ministry of Equity, Social Justice

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(PRESS RELEASE) – The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government in collaboration with MFH Ministries International will be hosting a National Symposium under the theme “Hope for the Nation – Creating a Unified Platform for Salvaging Our Youth.” slated for November 21st – 23rd, 2018 at the Entrepot Human Resource Development Centre from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.

The symposium will sensitize stakeholders on some of the parameters that are fundamental to the success of an upcoming integrated youth mentorship program. The event will signal the start of a results–oriented national youth mentorship program for communities throughout Saint Lucia; an intervention which is desperately needed for our youth at this time. It targets church leadership and a wide cross-section of other interests which include agencies such as media houses, along with private and public sector officials, especially those skilled and/or authorized to handle issues pertinent to our youths.

The strategy, which takes a holistic approach, engages humanity on all fronts—physically, spiritually and emotionally, and paves the way to address a wide range of criminal tendencies and prevailing social ills permeating throughout our communities island-wide. A significant component of the mentorship program is its focus on increased spirituality, such as building moral values, love for self and others, and respect for family and authority. The mentorship strategy is one which seeks to curb the development and spread of delinquent lifestyles and practices in the nation.

MFH Ministries International is a not-for-profit, non-denominational faith based organization. The mission of the organization is “Providing spiritual, moral and social support to individuals, groups, institutions, organizations and sectors, restoring hope and fostering safe and friendly environments.” Its vision is: “Successful people, flourishing communities, a peaceful nation.”

The main objectives of the symposium for faith-based leaders are to:

-Create a platform from which members of the body of Christ are better able to join hearts and hands together for a common cause;

-Mobilize and equip church leaders —providing additional enablement in addressing the range of issues affecting church youth;

-Initiate a strategy for reaching and working with youth outside of the church. This refers specifically to youth who may be affected, or are at risk;

-Set the stage for increased strategic interface between the church and key individuals, sectors/ institutions, authorities and expertise – those fundamental to the care and upkeep of our youth;

-Introduce a holistic results-oriented youth mentorship strategy that is capable of curbing the development and spread of delinquent lifestyles and practices throughout our nation;

-Enable the Church in St Lucia in strategizing to increase its contribution towards the creation of a hopeful and peaceful nation and safer and investment friendly communities.

Discuss the first draft of the Revised Policy for Faith Based Organizations.

The main objectives for other stakeholders/custodians of youth are to:

-Cause sensitization on some fundamentals of any approach needed to cause meaningful transformation and change in youth;

-Create avenues for long-term partnerships, friendships, networking and synergies all in the interest of nation building and assisting our youth.

-Cause non faith based interest to recognize the significance of the mentoring methodology to be utilized and promoted;

-Alert practitioners on a results oriented soft measure that can be utilized in crime fighting;

-Sensitize experts on the workability of the formula capable of healing our land.

The Directors of MFH Ministries International are seeking to recruit suitable volunteers, that is, interested persons who can be identified as role models for our youth, and who are also willing to contribute to their wholesome growth and development. In light of this, we invite you to submit the names, telephone numbers, email addresses and skills of persons from your Church/organization who are interested in volunteering.

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