NSC concerned about election date clashing with CXC exams

NSC concerned about election date clashing with CXC exams


PRESS RELEASE – The National Students’ Council is questioning the level of consideration shown to the students of Saint Lucia by the Government, following the announcement of the June 6th election date.

As outlined in the CXC timetable, Food & Nutrition and Additional Mathematics are scheduled for June 6th 2016.

The date selection has left many of our students along with parents curious as to the extent to which the General Elections may affect the progress of such examinations.

The council hopes that the execution of elections in Saint Lucia will not provide discomfort for students seeking to excel at this critical juncture in their lives.

We therefore plead to the Government to provide the students of Saint Lucia with adequate information ahead of the elections to avoid a state of confusion and mishap.


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  1. We should learn from our mistakes. The children are very much interested in what is going on in S. Lucia. They are St. Lucians and are taking important exams. What do we tell them? We tell them that we dont care. Very insensitive. Very selfish.


  2. why are there no complaints made to cxc when students hv to write exams on holidays. "when schools are normally closed" smh lucians again


  3. this statement is nonsensical. on a day for food and nutrition and additional maths. chpz. if all schools were polling stations and 5 classes were needed for students writing f&n i'm sure exams would still not be disturbed. dont come on the media pushing you and your father's political agenda mr lebourne. where were you when students had other real issues in the schools. i didnt see you on the news talking about the need for help for disadvantaged students or anything. keep ur stupid thoughts on ur private fb page.

    One big issue however is that alot of young persons cannot be registered to vote. The electoral dept should be more efficient than this. SMH


  4. So why is it that all secondary schools are not closed from May - June. Last I checked students write exams during normal school hours. Do you know how noisy a school can be? However on elections day you can hear a pin drop. That's how quiet it is.


    • You are blind "Blindspot". It is quite apparent that you never sat your CXC's to know how the system works,


  5. Election is a one day affair. What does election have to do with CXC and besides these students can't vote. The student should be more concerned with them running the streets than one-day election.

    They roam the streets like dogs but you talking about CXC.


  6. If the 6th is good then what could possibly be wrong with the 7th? Unless there is "hurricane" forecast for the 7th!!

    Anyway we making an intellectual event over a simple oversight. The SLP just did not remember that there was Common Entrance that day.

    As for 6.6.16 or 6/6/16 or 6-6-16- or 6 1 6 p 6 or 6x6x6; they are all 666 to me. Why bother my christian country with your insensitive provocation?


    • common entrance always happen after the final day of cxc bcuz the secondary schools are used for common entrance. stop this propaganda


  7. here is a clear example why youths say 'f it' and stray off to the bad end. everyone saying what's the big deal...did y'all forget that schools are used as polling stations? its already bad enough there's pressure on the students to excel well, while some of them are being makeshift parents and providers. now the government doesn't show them support by holding elections on the same day and giving them this major distraction from all this excitement. but i guess what they say is true...yo peh.


  8. People do not make decisions like that on their own. Did the authorities discuss those issues with principals and other stake holders. We should asking did they agree or disagree


  9. But yet still they say " We care about our youth " ....
    They don't care about the youth all they care about is the youth vote...


  10. It's interesting to see what's the purpose of wanting to keep Elections on this date! The persons responsible for chosing this date chose it specifically on the 6th June 2016. I am waiting to see with elections clashing with CXC, whether they will change the date, or are they so desperate that they will Keep it! MY question will be why! AND THIS WILL CONFIRM ALOT!


  11. In 1997 elections was on the same day as CXC... I don't see the issue here. These students won't be voting and even though they were, their exam is no more than 3 hours long, therefore they have the rest of the day to vote. If any of these schools are used as polling stations then I say these students are lucky, as the school will be even more quiet than a regular school day. Those persons who have voted in the past should know this. St. Lucians need to stop trying to find every way to discredit the current government. I wonder what the next tactic will be...


  12. To all the MISINFORMED persons arguing on an empty headed basis, CAPE which is a branch of CXC is also occurring on the 6th of June. Students at SALCC are writing CAPE and they are more than eligible to vote in this upcoming elections. Being that the election date collides with CAPE date that's one sector of the population who will not be able to exercise their constitutional right due to a PM seeking to rush an election.


  13. Calling election on an exam date is an insensitive gesture by any party. It is unfortunate that our society is breeding unempathetic persons who are more concerned about de party and their selfish agendas. Don't forget that those students will be eligible to vote next election. They will not forget the party that was insensitive to their mental wellbeing during a critical exam period.


  14. It is rather unfortunate that our society is birthing unempathetic persons who care very little of the mental state of our young people during this critical period..all in the name of de party. Political parties learn a lesson or two from this huge election date mistake. Remember those same young people will be eligible to vote next election. Something tells me they will never forget the party that was insensitive to them during their exams.


  15. Is that the first time we have elections during cxc or any examination, we have has it in the past so what is the problem at this juncture.we are looking for roblems that are not there. electon is like any other day, you go to work and then you vote . doesn't disrupt the day to day activities of life


    • because the same schools they are using to write the exam is the same schools they are using as poling stations. stupid. can you give the year that elections was on a day therre was exams?