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National security minister to address crime concerns at Chamber meeting

By St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce

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Minister Hermangild Francis.

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis.

PRESS RELEASE – Crime and breakdown in Law and Order places significant increased burdens on the cost of doing business in a country. With increased crime, and lawlessness firms find it imperative to increase their spend on protecting the business and property.

More security guards, burglar bars, loss prevention systems, security gates, increased lighting, security doors and locks, insurance costs to name a few becomes part of a modern business expenses. Added to that staff are severely affected when they become victims of crime, be it personal or property, leading to loss of hundreds on man hours on the job.

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce recognizes the important challenge facing its members and as such has kept Law and Order high on its agenda of areas where Government must take assertive action to ameliorate the state of Law and Order on the island.

The Minister of National Security is charged with leading Governments’ efforts to ensure a safe and secure business and living environment in St. Lucia. Our Business Community must continue to play its role in protecting its staff, property and business interest to ensure continued sustenance. Clearly working in tandem with Government leverages the use of resources and more importantly makes each other work a lot easier.

At this critical time, the Chamber has asked the Minister of National Security to outline Government’s Plan to fight crime and to reduce the rampant lawlessness in the country. How can the public and private sector help each other and what are the needs of the private sector to make their own rapidly expanding concerns easier to address.

These and other issues will be the main talking points at the upcoming Executive Luncheon of the Chamber to be addressed by the Minister of National Security, Senator Hermangild Francis on Wednesday 12th April 2017 at Coco Palm Hotel.

This important session is about your business and its safety and how we can act to improve security in our country. The time for you to act is now, join us.

For further information, please contact the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture 452-3165 or visit the website www.stluciachamber.org.

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  1. with that crime rate in St.lucia on business places you must be a fool to consider to open a business here.

  2. Great job of doing nothing to curtail the crime wave except talk! Crime continues to escalate in St. Lucia. We are at the mercies of the criminals. Nothing has changed really!

  3. I must admit since you have been assigned to that post you have been doing a great job, please continue, and thank you on behalf of all of us.

    • The Grand Chessboard

      Really? Are you kidding me? " Great Job ?" . Not even if he was my loving father would I lie for him in saying he is doing a great job! A state of emergency is the only thing that needs to be declared here in St. Lucia.

    • A great job talking and saying the right things. Results leave a lot to be desired.


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