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National security minister gives his views on death penalty


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CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Feb 2, CMC – National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, says St. Lucians should be allowed to determine whether or not to abolish the death penalty, as he maintained that he had no definitive position on the matter.

Francis, an attorney, who is also the home affairs and justice minister, said that with plans being advanced for constitutional reform, the issue of the death penalty could be put to the people for their consideration.

“I think St. Lucians have to have a say as to whether they still want the death penalty or not,” Francis said on a radio programme here on Friday night.

The former deputy police commissioner told radio listeners that his position on the death penalty is “neither here nor there” and that he supports the law at present.

“I am for the law. The law says that if you kill, there are certain categories of murder; that you should face the hangman,” Francis, said, noting that while St. Lucia has not carried out a hanging in years, it does not mean that it cannot be done in the future.

“That’s what the law says,” he insisted.

St. Lucia has not carried out the death penalty since 1995 when Joseph Solomon was executed after being convicted for murder and rape in 1979.

The London-based international human rights organisation, Amnesty International, has been urging Caribbean countries to abolish the death penalty noting that as of the end of 2017, over 96 per cent of all those on death row in the English-speaking Caribbean were held in three countries namely Barbados (13 per cent), Guyana (32 per cent) and Trinidad and Tobago (52 per cent).

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  1. This type of law is by design. How can those small islands stop the madness of criminals killing with zero consequence knowing that they will be housed and feed for the rest of their lives by little tax payer’s money. We have very little to no form of up to date security, meaning guns are coming into the place like crazy. Death is rising as we speak, drug pushers are at an all-time high, innocent people cannot walk the street in peace. This way of life is killing the economy, because the word is going around at the speed on how sage the island is. We are not in the stone age anymore for crying out loud. It’s just a matter of time before tourist/investors pullout due crime infestation. Venders and store owns are going to suffer due to tourist not wanting to leave the hotels and buy from the locals. We are not in the 6os-90s anymore the criminals are getting extremely brave, by even doing their killing at broad day omg. We really need help ladies and gentlemen and I mean quick. We cannot hide our useless crimes from the world, Facebook, twitter and other social media show all our dirty laundry. We are now on the countries with the highest murder rates…DAM.

  2. USA and other nations still have and executing the death penalty. If it reduce crime or not, everyone have his very own opinion. Fact is, what works in one county will not work in another country.
    Unfortunatly our prone economy depending sole on tourist related industry and is dependent on positive international media, and this is our dilemma.
    Go back to RC and implement the death penalty the so called "good people press" like human rights org. will start with negative press about the island and tourist arrivals "may" decline, less $$$ for the industry. Government is in a mid position, to do whats right to bring confidence in our justice system or bending down to international good people pressure.

    Like #the Fox said, YOU KILL- YOU HANG, no if's or but's about it. It is simple and straight clear, I fully agree with it.

    We are independent on paper, in real life........

  3. Check out the book by LUDOVIK KENNEDY - 10 RILLINGTON PLACE. you will see why
    the British abolished the death penalty, and so they want to thrust upon you, their rules
    and their failed system of punishment, based on a great mistake on their part. To each his
    own so my humble input is, do whatever the people want; have a referendum on the matter.
    I myself have always maintained; YOU KILL - YOU HANG. no if's or but's about it. It's since
    1995 the last man was hanged; check out since then how many murders there's been, how
    many have served their so called life sentence and are walking the streets of Castries. They're
    not afraid, one have to be careful with such. There's too many vagrants out there looking for
    a handout instead of a job. Life is so easy, they drive high, causing death and suffering. Woi.

  4. Problem is the politicians let the EU and all these developing countries come in and tell them what to do. If you an independent country you should decide weather or not you impose the death penalty or not. But when you like to take aid and hand outs from foreigners the will always want to have say in what you do.
    When we had the death penalty in place fellas ass was in check. But now we have all these young boys running around shooting up the place with no end insight.

    They don’t even give them life sentences I never could understand that. The countries that abolish the death penalty give life sentencies to murders but not here, law makers are asleep at the wheel.


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