National Queen contestant releases statement on Carnival wounding incident

National Queen contestant releases statement on Carnival wounding incident
Kadijha Mason
Kadijha Mason
Kadijha Mason

STATEMENT – It is profoundly disturbing that my triumphant and festive carnival season had to come to such a jolting and painful halt. Regardless, I would like to take the opportunity to let all concerned parties know that I am doing well and will recover from this incident.

I would also like to take the opportunity to apologise to my family, friends, community, sponsor The Boka Group and the CPMA for any unnecessary anxiety and upset that was caused. It is a lesson well learnt regarding safety especially during the Carnival season.

As a young person who enjoys the revelry and pageantry of this particular cultural event, I am saddened by the violence and alcohol abuse, which seems to have become an intricate part of this cultural festival. As a role model and ambassador I will make it my personal mantra to find ways to speak out and discourage my peers from engaging or over indulgence, not only in alcohol but also in the negativity and angst that so often leads to violence.

I take this opportunity to assure all my well-wishers that I am in no way deterred in my obligation to be an outstanding example of poise, intelligence and determination and I will continue to pursue my goals as I endeavour to be a young professional and sterling example for the youth of my nation.

With that said I extend a hearty thank you to all those who reached out to ensure my well-being including the National Carnival Queen Committee, George Alcindor MD of the Boka Group and the Honorable Lorne Theophilus. Words cannot express my gratitude and indebtedness.


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  1. As. So you mean to tell me not one person in here knows the details of this???? Uhvaytay...y'all fall man?


  2. Everyone wants to know exactly what happened, even me... but at the sametime that's the people business. The only reason it made it to the media was because of her current involvement in cultural activities. I personally found this statement was well written, well thought shows attributes of the bigger person.
    Kadijha or the other party involved does not owe anyone a full explanation...
    Politicians don't give us explanations why do we expect one from her?
    It doesn't benefit us in any way...

    WE are tooo toooooo nosey!


    • Yes I wanted to know what happened lol. But at the end of the day that's not our business. I was very pleased to see her message, no blame was placed on any party. She however did strike a very good point in the abuse of alcohol.


  3. My dear,n you have not given us the slightest indication of what transpired that led to you being physically abused and hospitalized. You may aspire to be a professional and role model but remember it also includes taking legal action against the perpetrators thereby reiterating your conviction against violence and drunkenness (unless you were the instigator and the beating was deserved).

    From your well manicured statement i am led to believe that you have already been bought and this like so many other instances of senseless violence will be swept and kept under the rug. I do wish you a speedy recovery so you can continue to pursue your professional goals.


  4. It shows the limitation in our conversation exchanges and attitude towards violence and criminality in this beloved nation of ours. A young woman was attacked and hurt for no reason. The baseless comments shows the magnitude of compassion in St Lucia and people are quick to make derogative comments, which are senseless and just there to cause malice. We should be disappointed as a nation in this horrible behaviour!


  5. im sorry, im missing something...why are people saying that these girls are suppose to be role models. I am a young woman and what exactly do they portray so much that I should model after them. if you ask me I would much rather look up to our community workers, nurses, firemen, mothers and fathers who on an everyday basis make a difference in the life of others. Who does not need to be paraded to be vital but is aware of their worth and significance to the livelihoods of people. im sorry if you think im out of place. But I would be ashamed if one day as a parent my kid would say to me that her role model is a carnival queen. Then I would not have done my job. That is my opinion.


    • I believe at the level of pageantry in St. Lucia is changing. Not just anyone is allowed to be a carnival queen contestant. There is a criteria being followed, which let's us know that it's not just beauty, but intellect as well. These girls are required to be eloquent, outspoken, and hold a presence that can capture the attention of a crowd. Basically, this is a way of preparing ladies to be leaders, as the winner has to be an ambassador for st. lucia on a number of occasions. Even further evidence of this is witnessed in one of the prizes, which is a scholarship. Meaning that this promotes education of the young individuals. I concur with the point that you made. Yes, the persons that you mentioned are role models, but we also need to keep an open mind about other opportunities out there for our growing generation.


      • There's not much evidence of eloquence and intellect in this statement. There are however examples of malapropism and wordiness. I agree with "Role Model".


      • It is a little bit shocking and concerning that one of your main points was that of 'intellect'. If you watched the show in its entirety, or were present for that matter, you would have observed that during the interview which is where their intelligence is supposed to be showcased that out of 8 young ladies, only 2 were able to ANSWER the question. Now, I understand nerves and all that jazz but there were blatant examples where these girls simply lacked comprehension skills and did not know the meaning of simple words. Now really? Role models???? We need to do better man!


  6. I never understand how so much effort and money is wasted on this useless activity.

    doctors, teachers, sanitary engineers, etc. Play a part in making the world a better place.

    I don't know what use a carnival or beauty queen play to make the world.

    They just show off the body and vie j j.

    what a waste


  7. BFrom time u know you didnt start it and tried your best to avoid it all will be fine. But I thought with your big man arms you coulda atleast hold her in a head lock. And if was more than one who attacked you shame on them


  8. Now that's news? Dont make us believe you're an innocent victim. Politicians fooling us already. Tell your writers shame on them plus it took so long to cone up with tjay crap smh


  9. So was being a good role model n den jusso they attack you? If you want to teach the youth something, teach thrm responsibility. Sayyou got caught up in the pageantry n got on the wrong end of such behaviour. Reading this statement makes no sense. Its like a politician wrote that bs. And that nonsense shouldn't even be news. By het making an issue of this only brings to light her iresponsible behaviour . Admit u and everyone was wrong and ill respect you sooo much as a young female professional


  10. If am reading correctly this happened during carnival right. Isn't carnival about bacanal. Drinking, whining, enjoying yourself. Letting go as I like to call it. So why this so called role model complaining about people being drunk. I bet she was drinking too. Now I have a problem with the violence but when you put alcohol, aggressive and arragant people together what do we expect.


    • are you saying that it's ok to drink mindlessly? to act carelessly? are you condoning this type of behaviour? because i think that we can have vaval and still be responsible don't u?


  11. Its a sad sad day for our country. Our young people both men and women have gone astray. Lawlessness, misbehavior, drunkenness has become the order of the day. I am afraid that I do not know my country anymore. Most of the young people are disgusting to say the least. Shame on us!!


  12. There is a lot more to this than is being said and the CPMA needs to put a hand in this matter asap. These young ladiesladies involved in thinis should be striped of any titles awarded.


    • This i agree with. if Carnival is to be given a certain standard then let no incident pass not being dealt with