National Printing Corporation launches ‘What’s Next’ youth magazine

National Printing Corporation launches ‘What’s Next’ youth magazine

The highly anticipated youth magazine ‘What’s Next?’ will be featured on news stands this September following its formal introduction by the National Printing Corporation and several government agencies.

The magazine “What’s Next” was formally launched on September 11, 2013  at the Blue Coral Mall by the National Printing Corporation (NPC) in collaboration with the National Youth Council NYC, National Skills Development Centre, the National Initiative to Create Employment, the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and the Ministry of Education.

The magazine is a motivational tool intended to positively impact young people. President of the NYC Timothy Ferdinand says the magazine is beneficial to the organization and explains the nexus of the name ‘What’s Next’.

“It is a tool that can be used by us to actually achieve one of our mandates which is to show how young persons are actually capable of contributing to society positively and meaningfully. That’s why we chose the name ‘What’s Next’.   We want to contribute to young persons knowing what is actually the next step that is expected of them or what’s coming up. What’s coming up in Vieux-Fort, Desruisseaux? What’s next when you leave secondary? What’s next when you’re getting married or when you enter a relationship? Whatever it is you need to know what’s next and prepare adequately for it.”

Cabinet Secretary Darrel Montrope says while young people are often portrayed in one dimension the magazine provides an outlet to challenge such stereotypes.

Montrope states “What’s Next” will address issues critical to the youth and society at large.

“And so this is what What’s Next’ magazine is suppose to speak to. What are the challenges facing young people and how exactly is ‘What’s Next’ going to address some of those.  Among the challenges for young people is the question of “Who am I?”  Right now one of the issues we will have to deal with is this whole issue of reparations.  Where we stand? What has the legacy contributed to shaping our own sense of who we are? “

The cabinet secretary states the magazine is necessary to show and build the competence, confidence and character of young people.

The momentous event garnered great support from government as well as non-governmental agencies.

What’s Next will be issued on a bi-monthly basis.


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  1. It's high time there is some focus on the good things that the youth of our country are doing. Tired of reading about the youth from Jamaica and the U.S. in other youth oriented magazines in Saint Lucia.

    Good joint venture between NYC and Government. Hope this publication lasts.

    Also good job Lavorne!


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