National Principal’s Association statement on recent sex video

National Principal’s Association statement on recent sex video

(PRESS RELEASE) – This appears to be the new thrill for the youth to expose themselves in full uniform engaging in sexual acts.

This behaviour is worrisome and spells a breakdown in family and societal values. The fact that videos of this nature continue to surface speaks of a lack of remorse by all parties involved.

There is the need for collaboration with family, school, police and human services to chart the way forward. I am of the view that constitutional reform is necessary to make such an offense a criminal one, with punitive consequences.

Like we did week before , we shall continue to denounce such acts and pray that the youth will use technology positively, focus on their school curriculum and develop positive self esteem and pride.


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  1. Sure Easier Said than Done . Youth Now Are Just Curupted by Pornography so it Won't stop .Further More Parents Now Are Jokes Can't Even control Anything Their Kids are Doing so Nah None can be done unless you can remove the Curupted Vices.
    Just Being Real ?


  2. What is your opinion on Dennery Segment and the degradation of moral values in our society? What are you doing in response?


    • What makes dennery segment any different from the music our ancestors listened to or have you listened to the contents of them before. Support local.


  3. yall can talk all yall want you feel these children care? the more we talk to them the same thing they doing i really thought they would have learnt from the last one. smdh


  4. Why do you continue to seek condemnation from these silent tounges of principle and mortality is mind boggling ?? Is anyone listening ? Does anyone cares Poindexter ?? There has and continued to be daily slackness and dysfunctional behavior amongst young people which attributes to the breakdown of lawlessness in society why haven't they reared their dormant heads ?? They all should put up or shut up if they are not involved in mentoring daily systemic changes amongst the youth's


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