National Mental Wellness Centre put on alert by NWU

National Mental Wellness Centre put on alert by NWU

national-workers-union-aPRESS RELEASE – The National Workers Union (NWU) has written to the Executive Director of the Saint Lucia National Mental Wellness Centre Mrs. Charmaine Thomas.

The letter to the Director dated January 25, 2016 informed the Director of deteriorating working conditions at the health institution. The NWU pointed out the following:

  • Workers are being ordered to handle the dirty and otherwise unhygienic linen.
  • Workers are requested to move internal garbage.
  • The hospital compound is not adequately fenced and could easily attract would be criminal elements who would like to gain access to the property.
  • Security officers do not have any means to communicate to those in authority in the event of a serious crisis at the institution.

The Union has given an ultimatum of Thursday, January 28, 2016 for the Centre to settle those outstanding issues, failing which the employees will discontinue facilitating the implementation of instructions that are not in keeping with the nature of their jobs.  The NWU is of the opinion that the Mental Wellness Centre cannot continue to operate without the required complement of human resource.


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  1. It appears to me that all of those issues are being directed to the wrong person. Resources ought to be procured by the Finance Ministry. I am certain Mrs. Thomas has articulated the needs of the Institution.

    Additionally, the Public service is plagued by persons who choose not to work , however gets a monthly salary. Was there an investigation with reference to the allegations. Mrs. Thomas hold strong and promote the ethics of the profession as it relates to the well being and safety of your patients.

    Workers sit and make use of team in working towards resolving the issues. I know you put your all in working with your teams. You moved with your team from Magretoute to Comfort Bay with no commissioning or project manager and was a task well done.

    You strive to change the image of the National Mental Wellness with much opposition. Do not get any stroke.....please if persons do not want to work as teams towards the goals...please Madame Thomas let the authorities step in.

    There is so much one can do...never mind at the grave is flowers and songs and all kinds of we will miss her. I admonish you.....let it go. Your mental and emotional well being is equally important as your staff.


    • This is the great controversy...the battle between good and evil....these insignificant issues should never dictate one's happiness.....let better dayz be within your heart and find it in God and God alone...these public servants too happy tan......




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