National Lottery to raffle $5,000 scholarship

National Lottery to raffle $5,000 scholarship

A yearly back-to-school promotion by the Saint Lucia National Lottery is affording lucky lottery players a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship, among other prizes.

According to a press release, customers can qualify when they purchase $6 or more on Big 4. Upon their $6 purchase, a voucher containing a letter from the words “CASH” and “KINDLE” will be issued. These vouchers are then collected until a customer has all the letters to spell either of these words.

Customers will also receive a raffle voucher with every play, which should be secured for a chance to win the $5,000 scholarship during a draw on August 19, 2013.

“We have had eight CASH winners and three KINDLE winners thus far. There are lots of cash left to be won and some more kindles as well. Take a chance on Big 4, not only can you win $5000 with a $1 bet, you can also win more cash, gadgets and a scholarship too,” the release said.

“The promotion runs until August 17, 2013 but the raffle for the scholarship will be drawn on Monday, August 19 in the evening during our normal draw,” the release stated.

The promotion was launched on July 8, 2013.


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