National Executive Council of CSA does not recognize group called “Save the Union”

National Executive Council of CSA does not recognize group called “Save the Union”

fb9a91d64e2f0324807ec700514d4704PRESS RELEASE – The National Executive Council of the St.Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) would like to indicate to its members that it does not recognize a group of its members calling themselves “Save the Union” and have not given this group permission to hold any meeting at its center this week with the members.

You heard nothing from the “Save the Union” group when the Government had to impose the five percent (5%) cut on member’s salaries.

Now because they are unable to have the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting to remove the duly elected Executive, which fought successfully to get Government to change its imposing of a five percent (5%) cut on our members’ salaries, Save the Union is hell-bent to cause confusion within the membership.

Please be advised that the CSA has not given the group of members calling themselves “Save the Union” permission to use its facility to hold any meeting with its members.

Our Constitution does not recognize any group named “Save the Union”.


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  1. Don't you ever allow this bunch of trouble makers to hold their meetings on the CSA premises. After all they are an illegal grouping with stupid and politically motivated ideas. The motives of these rascals are very questionable and destructive.


  2. Aa i thought it was members of the union who form that group. If it is so i do not understand what is being said here. Mary is still in charge in Pierre.Whopsi mamam!


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