National Cultural Centre to undergo renovations

National Cultural Centre to undergo renovations

The arts and cultural fraternity will benefit from planned renovations to the National Cultural Centre at Barnard Hill in Castries.

This facility is the home for many national cultural events and is known as the ‘Calypso Headquarters’ during the carnival celebrations annually.

Director of the Finance and Administration Committee of the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), Lyndon Arnold, said the need for upgrading the National Cultural Centre has become more evident during the current calypso season.

“There are plans to undertake some renovation works to the National Cultural Centre. As a patron there myself, especially around this time of year, we are aware of some of the conditions. The facility has a lot of scope and it is used a lot, so bearing that in mind we must undertake these works for the comfort of the patrons who use the facility and for the comfort of performers and the general safety of all who use the facility,” Arnold said.

The planned enhancements to the Cultural Centre have again underscored the lack of adequate venues for national arts and cultural events.

Chairman of the CDF Petrus Compton said the organization plans to invest in enhancing performance and rehearsal spaces around the island.

“It is a question of CDF engaging the relevant agencies and ministries to create an environment where all around Saint Lucian people have access to adequate space to at least rehearse and perform,” Compton said.

Compton said adequate performance and rehearsal venues are essential to developing the creative industries.

The National Cultural Centre is managed by the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF).


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  1. I hope the CDF had a meeting with the stakeholder or persons with an interest in the Cultural Centre to know what or where should be developed. Plans in St.Lucia usually take place with no lack of input from the person who will be using the facility the most and in turn the renovations become a waste of money benefiting no one


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