National Carnival Queen Pageant auditions

National Carnival Queen Pageant auditions

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The process to select the National Carnival Queen 2018 begins this Saturday March 3 with auditions at the National Cultural Centre.

The National Carnival Queen Pageant has always been a highlight on the official calendar for Saint Lucia Carnival and this year’s auditions will see approximately 20 young ladies competing to be one of the final eight selected for the Pageant to be held on June 30.

The auditions are being presented by the Events Company of St. Lucia Inc. and spearheaded by the recently selected Carnival Queen Pageant Committee headed by Trevor King. Saturday’s event will begin at 10am with a casual session between the participants and the Committee, followed by the actual judging components of the day from 1pm.

Contestants will be judged as follows:

swim wear (20 points),
performing talent (30 points),
evening wear (25 points) and
interview (30 points).

This event is open to the public from 1pm with a small cover charge of $10.00.


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