National Archives Authority has new archive series

National Archives Authority has new archive series

(GIS) – It was on March 1 when Saint Lucia gained Associated Statehood from Great Britain, that the island’s flag, designed by Sir Dunstan St. Omer, was hoisted for the first time.

On Thursday, March 1, the National Archives Authority used the occasion of Flag Day not only to celebrate the work of Sir Dunstan but also to launch its sports archive.

Thursday’s ceremony, which was held at the National Archives Authority, was the second launch of a series of focal archives by the agency, the first being a music archive unveiled in November of 2017.

National Archivist, Margot Thomas, explained to the audience at the well-attended ceremony, why the sports archive was being launched on Flag Day.

“The designer of our flag was a sportsman. Lawn tennis was his chosen vocation. And it is in memory of this illustrious son that we chose today, March 1, to launch the sports archive.”

The archives will preserve documents, photographs and other material relevant to capturing the history of sports in Saint Lucia. She went on to put out a call to individuals and groups to contribute to the initiative.

“I am now approaching you sportsmen and sportswomen, leaders of associations, to help us develop the sports archive.”

Present at the ceremony was Sen. the Hon. Fortuna Belrose, Minister for Local Government and Culture, who is also the head of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee.

Thursday’s ceremony also saw the donation of items to the archive, as well as the presentation of special awards to persons who have made invaluable contributions to sports over the years.


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  1. The flag has a basic flaw.

    Explain the retention of the features 1,000,000 times, if you will. But the white above the black in the flag remains brutally offensive.

    It is degrading to accept this, for the over 90% black and mixed population. It defies logic. This has not been given the kind of attention it deserves. It is unacceptable to informed people.

    Those who wish can try to rationalize this continuing outrage till the cows come home. But, it is an irritant for a so-called independent black country.

    The Black Panther movie should inform us of the possibilities. We should not allow our old fogies to dominate our lives with their disgusting acceptance of their latent demeaning symbolisms.


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