UPDATE: Bus driver thankful no one was hurt in fiery incident

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The bus engulfed in flames.

A mini-bus bus burst into flames near Choiseul Saturday afternoon, seconds after passengers frantically escaped.

The bus was on its way from Vieux Fort with 14 passengers when a tyre blew, causing it to catch fire in the vicinity of Choiseul.

All passengers on board, including the driver Brian Joseph, escaped unhurt.

Joseph told St Lucia News Online (SNO) that after the front left tyre of his mini-bus blew he tried to control the vehicle and avoided hitting anything.

However, Joseph said because the vehicle was still moving at a fast rate, a friction with the axle and the road resulted in the vehicle catching fire.

The bus driver said he had to prise the door open to allow the passengers to escape.

“All I could have done is get out and help the passengers to get out,” Joseph explained.

The bus was engulfed in flames seconds after.

Joseph said the Fire Service responded promptly to put the fire out, but by that time, most of the vehicle was already burnt. He is nevertheless thankful that neither he nor his passengers were hurt during the tragic incident.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that about 5:15 p.m. she was passing through Choiseul when she noticed a bus “coming towards our car with a line of fire following it”.

The driver stopped the bus when he noticed the fire, but by then the back of the tire was already aflame, the eyewitness said.

The passengers frantically fled the bus through the windows and doors.

“There was this girl who jumped out of the window head first. We sat in the car amazed. Less than a minute after, the whole bus was engulfed. The driver did the sign of the cross over and over. He kept walking up and down the street, surprised at what had happened,” the eyewitness added.

“Soon after traffic was backed up and the whole bus was engulfed in flames. The fire truck came but the bus was already gone (destroyed),” the eyewitness said.


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  1. My dear St;Lucia, When incidents and accidents occur it is to teach us a lesson. Firstly when it is negative or dangerous it is always to draw us closer to God and secondly when positive, it is always to Thank God with a grateful heart. Let’s us start praying. We have gone too far, far away from God. Let’s draw closer to HIM

  2. jus so with that en rouge person #jahostar for that jack…

  3. thanks god they all are ok!

  4. We all must thank god for his mercies and grace and let ignorance be.

  5. Lucian Daughter

    I don’t suppose that many are aware of the truthful actual facts as to what transpired with that vehicle except the driver and his mechanic. Let’s not go throwing stones. Instead, let’s brainstorm on how we can help keep our fellow commuters safe by taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future.


  7. God is good god….he said not again! I WONT LET MY PEOPLE GO THROUGH SUCH AND ORDEAL!oh great thou art…..every single one of you now have a testimony…you were covered with the blood of jesus.

  8. Thank God No one got hurt God is very much alive u ppl nid to stop talking politics into everything and pray more.trust me it will help.bryan i know its hard to see ur daily bread go like this but have faith in the lord and he will bring you sum better when u loose from that hand he gives to u in the other.. you were indeed fast tu get all those ppl out..God is alive

  9. Thank Jesus for the lives you saved. Jesus is rock on wick we stand. An rouge have nun to do with a bus burning. Politics have nun to do wth this. In the name of Jesus may our minds be open.

  10. All of yall idiotic fools who keeps on saying en rouge en rouge…. … This is one of the bus drivers on the Choiseul to Vfort route… no one knows what happened… so give dis poor guy a chance to breathe…. Thank God no one got hurt… R.I.P to yall dat keeps on commenting negativity….

  11. Praise be to God!!!!

  12. can't belive tht....

    My heart goes out to brian,,,,cause he was driver when I go to work on mornings…..god is good …..imjust happy noone got hurt….

  13. Thank god everyone escaped unharmed….u lucians are something else ee…politics hv nun to do with tht, after all we under the same government……Negative ppl again…

  14. Thank God that all is alive and well

  15. thankful that you’ll were all spared your lives. God is indeed good

  16. ignorant st lucian en rouge

  17. andrea anatole

    that incident happen so quickly …as soon as the vehicle stopped all I could think of was safety n getting out of the vehicle so I pass through the window…someone tried opening the door but it was stuck….driver had to help get them out …thank god We are all okay ….thank god We are safe …

  18. ..the bus was on its way FROM VF heading to Choiseul when the left axel came offf,,,, THANKS GODDD we all are alive !!!!

  19. All I thought of my safety …didn’t know what to do …saw they tried they best to open the door but the driver had to help them …saw smoke at the back of the vehicle so I had jump out …didn’t kno what will happen ….was in shock….thank god We all are alive n well …

  20. if anyone was hurt or died by this incident and yourll families wouldve have gotten a big money youll wouldnt be saying enrouge enrouge wth every thing is politics damn country try to help yourll selves too

  21. Thanks God, Brian and his passengers escaped this tragedy or else it would be Choiseul again?????

  22. Lol @ those comments

  23. Thank god 4 life

  24. Seriously?? Where does that en Rouge come in….awa wee…thank God everyone is ok

  25. Thank God no one got hurt!!

  26. The lord is good

  27. Everythin is poltics …..a bus got burnt ..ualready sayin enrouge enrouge …..stupid fool…

  28. En rouge, en rouge en rage en rouge. Pay the piper. Thank God He is still in control, and thankful for all the loss that was averted.

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