Narcotics and firearm discovered on Honeymoon Beach

Narcotics and firearm discovered on Honeymoon Beach


PRESS RELEASE – On Saturday, September 26, 2015 police conducted an operation in the Point de Caye (Honeymoon Beach) area in Vieux Fort.

As a result of that operation the police discovered one hundred and seventy six (176) blocks of cocaine valued at EC$ 2,895,000.00and one (1) .38 Special handgun with 6 rounds of ammunition.

No one has been arrested as a result of this operation.


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  1. Da guys from answer Des Seau who went diving,all u took de boss drugs,n set de police on de rest! All u hv cocaine giving away in ansgier for 2 grand a key,Howard u n ur boys surrender,cuz banana will come ready 4 all u! U got 1 visit already,but dat was just a warning,de next one will be more serious,there might even be casualties, hi-time all u leave drugs on da beach alone! !!


  2. So how did the officers know that was there? In such a remote area, how did yall find it there. and to me i heard it was buried in the sand... So officers knew exactly where the drugs and guns were buried? hmmm. And I heard more guns were how is a .38 alone they got? hmmmm yh rt!


  3. well well well...i find this number ready to bet the currect figure is 200 so someone somewhere smilling.....well banana feet i feel your pain


  4. Story not true there was two hundred and sum on the coke the two police officers took about sixty and they took 3 firearms too much going on in our country to much officers getting rich too much boball


  5. That's not the end,saint Lucia don't produce coca, so you know the person or persons that was trusted this is a dead man or dead men walking, unless if the police that plant that there to look like they made a bust you know those Lucian police already, these days anything to make it seem like they working


  6. Almost 3 mill lost. Someone is hiding from the bossman after losing all his stock. My advice to the clerk is to start reciting some Hail Marys. Make sure he send a good picture to SNO. The clock is ticking. ..


  7. Leave de tings & run when you see de fellars coming...Now that's the last shipment for your family n dem. Jackass


  8. What a big stash of cocaine for the Police to intercept.
    Will it be stored at the Forensics Lab until such time as the owners claim it or come looking for it?


    • No the stash will be stored in a container at the Central Police Station at Police Headquarters and then one night the police will have to fire warning shots......
      To be continued.


  9. Boss man point de caye is not honeymoon beach .
    Well it look like somebody lose a 2.8 million dollar investment. Start preparing the body bags. And last but not least some drug squad ppl will have a very merry christmas.


    • @Even Steven.
      You're right. Although the two locations ( La Pointe Des Cayes and Honeymoon Beach) close, they're not the same beach.


  10. No one has been arrested? It seems like the drugs Just dropped from the sky and found themselves in the said location! SMH!


  11. gosh man i need to start searching beaches .... this economy is killing me i need money .... imma help the cops, save them the trouble .....

    So whats gonna happen to it?


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