Naked man causes traffic jam while singing gospel songs: cops

Naked man causes traffic jam while singing gospel songs: cops
Brandon Tidrow
Brandon Tidrow

(NEW YORK POST) – A naked Colorado man reportedly caused bumper-to-bumper traffic with his stripped-down performance in the street, according to police.

Brandon Tidrow, 30, was arrested Tuesday in Aspen after he belted out tunes while soaking wet and nude at a busy intersection, the Aspen Times reported.

Police were notified around 5 p.m. that Tidrow was roaming around stark naked in Herron Park. Another caller reported seeing an unclothed man walking down the street.

Officers said they found the crooner with his eyes closed and singing gospel music in the middle of an intersection.

“Upon contacting Tidrow, he was very wet and had his hands held up in the air, palms toward the sky,” the police report stated.

Tidrow told police that he took off his clothing earlier in the day “because he felt comfortable in his skin.”

While under arrest, Tidrow resisted officers and continued to perform music.

“Tidrow continued to sing and say prayers,” the police report stated, adding he also “began to recite the ‘Our Father.’”

Authorities took Tidrow to Aspen Valley Hospital for medical attention, where he also got new clothes. He was released and charged with indecent exposure.


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