My new boyfriend is the brother of the woman who wrecked my previous relationship

My new boyfriend is the brother of the woman who wrecked my previous relationship

Dear Willie: I don’t even know where to begin. My ex-boyfriend was cheating on me with this girl and he treated me like crap, and now that we are broken up he is still with the girl flashing it all in my face. But after a few months I’ve moved on and I am finally in a place in my life where I can say I am happy again.

I reconnected with this guy that I’ve known for about six years now and I really like him and things are starting to get heated between us. We were friends all this time but we never actually had anything because both of us always had a significant other but now ironically both of us are single at the same time and I couldn’t be happier.

But there is a twist, the guy I’m now interested in is the brother of the girl my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with (now his present girlfriend). I feel so awkward about the whole situation. It’s eating me up inside. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about who my ex dates but the fact that I have to tolerate that girl that caused problems in my relationship for so long is really bugging me.

Her brother is one of the sweetest people I know, so loving and kind and caring and he has been that way towards me ever since we have been friends. He does not know anything of the whole situation. My friend told me I should speak to him about it because it really bothers me.

I don’t know if I should…should I? I don’t know how I’m going face that girl and accept her say as my ‘sister in law’ with open arms. Sorry to say I hate that girl, she was the cause of me seeing hell the last few months of my relationship.

What do I do? I really like the guy (her bro) and I want to continue seeing him to see where it goes. But I don’t know if I can with that obstacle in my way. Help!


Dear Troubled: I understand how you feel. But look on the flip side of the situation. Your ex will have to contend with the same thing: he will have to endure knowing you’re dating his new girlfriend’s brother. He probably will feel the same way too. Not that I am asking you to care about his feelings or use the situation as revenge. But rest assured he it may affect him just as well.

The bright side of the situation is you’re dating someone who really cares about you, someone you’re happy with. Don’t give up because of one person. In fact, you do not necessarily need to have a close relationship with the ‘sister-in-law’.

I believe you should speak to your new boyfriend about this. You must. Communication is key. He will probably offer you some good advice.

If you allow this situation to break up your current relationship, that will be victory for your ex and his girlfriend.

So be wise.


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  1. St. Lucia is a very small island, and this story just proves it even more. In any case, you should not be worried about this girl. You should continue her relationship with her brother, and keep your distance from her, try pretending as if she doesnt exist at most. If she tries to meddle, in your current relationship with her brother, you do let her brother know what HOME WRECKER she is !


  2. Girl be happy u have a man. the looser would have cheated on you anyways. Let her see you happy with her brother the home wrecker will feel like trash not you


  3. u fail to realise dat no matter what 'hell' u were in, it was NOT da girl's fault. it was ur boyfriend's doing. HE LET IT HAPPEN. he wanted her as much as she wanted him. now ure seeing da girl's brother, if he makes u happy, dats a good thing.


  4. my girl tell him about it so that he will understand why you don't feel comfortable around his sis....


  5. This story is sounding a bit too made up for me,plus it's boringggggg yuhr now sister in law broke up yuhr previous relationship now is still with yuhr experience while yuh date her brother, hmmmmmm gee I wonder how that will end,really????


  6. I think u should talk to your bf about it. See how he feels. If he is ok with it girl move on with your life the main thing is your bf makes u happy.


  7. Aa, gal one life to live. If u happy stay dere. Communicate with yur man. All u like to leave man in the dark too much. Oh BTW is not the girl but yur boyfriend dat cause u the pain so move on and u should even greet your new sister in law. Be happy 1 LIFE TO LIVE


  8. My girl is d brudda you checkin not d sister, she probably feelin worst dan u cuz with her brudda. If I was you I would check her fada instead and make dat bitch my step daughter!


  9. She didnt care about your feelings! dont worry about her rub it all in her fae that uve got her brother dont hestitate !


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