“My man refuses to bite a banana”

“My man refuses to bite a banana”

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — Jamaican men are a special breed — a little bit of the suave here, self-assertiveness there, topped off with a certain je ne sais quoi — you never quite know what you’re getting until you’re often too deep in to extricate yourself.

And when a woman is deep into it with a Jamaican man, often she will tolerate the unexplainable, because the man is otherwise quite charming, or so she’s led to believe. Indeed, only after severing ties will she wise up to what she really put up with — like him refusing to grant certain favours because of those built-in phobias that it seems many of our men were fitted with in the manufacturing plant, and then hammered home daily through popular media.

They’re the phobias like that strict rule about using the number two, the fear of uttering any statement with the word “man” in it, and even something as innocuous as saying “hey” to a fellow man.

Don’t believe it’s that bad? We asked women, what’s the strangest thing your guy has refused to do because he attributed it to being gay? Here is what they said.

Patrice, make-up artist: My man refuses to bite a banana — he would rather break it and put it in his mouth. He also does not use standard English when conversing with other men, because apparently only gay men do that.

Ann, event planner: My husband refuses to kiss our son on the lips. Well, I really can’t remember him ever kissing him anywhere. Now that we have a daughter he kisses her all the time, but still only does high fives and hugs with our son, forcing me to give him more affection than I give to her, so he doesn’t feel left out.

Sandy, pharmacy assistant: My boyfriend doesn’t allow me to touch his butt…ever, not even if we are bathing each other or making out. Once my hand goes near it, he moves it, or gets mad and ruins the whole mood. I think it’s kind of obsessive and it’s probably more “gay” to be so sensitive to being touched there.

Geena, sales agent: My ex-boyfriend was a complete barbarian. He wouldn’t shave his armpits or his pubes (but he wanted me to go down there). He wouldn’t buy sanitary napkins for me at the shop, and he wouldn’t let me touch his butt or testicles. And one time I left some clothes on his line and asked him to pick them up and put them in a drawer until the next time I came over. He took up everything except the underwear. They stayed on the line for weeks.

Onika, business manager: My fiancé refuses to carry my handbag. He opens the door and does just about anything else, but the handbag is off-limits. Oh, and it doesn’t matter how chapped his lips are, he won’t use chapstick because “it is like lipstick”, which is a woman’s thing.

Desrine, store owner: Even if we are in the heat of the moment and I ever make a mistake and grab his butt and not his lower back, he will destroy the whole rhythm and get up, then be mad about it. He also will not wash my undergarments, yet he expects me to wash his because in his eyes only gay men enjoy taking care of panties.

Charmaine: My husband, whose family has a history of prostate cancer, doesn’t want to get his prostate examined because he is convinced that only men who are “lean” get it done — to satisfy themselves. He is also convinced that the doctors get off when they get to perform these examinations because many of them are secretly leading lives as homosexuals.

Affia, unemployed: My man times himself in the bathroom — not even diarrhoea can keep him in the bathroom over five minutes. He says that his butt feels exposed and not even a toilet seat should be pressed against his butt.

Shirley, nurse: My boyfriend is plagued by haemorrhoids and so I encourage him to use suppositories to help get him relief. But he is adamant that nothing is going near his buttocks. He also refuses surgery to take care of it because he doesn’t want anybody near there.


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  1. I believe promoting gay is wrong. That should soly be done by the adult at a managing level in.his or.her life "adult" kissing your children let then know it's only okay at any age. So stop it.


  2. I wouldn't kiss my son nor my daughter on his/her lips... In our culture a kiss on the lips signify something sexual. Other than that I think these men are petty and homophobic... If you are confident in who you are non of these things would trouble you... Why remove a panty when you want what you want but wouldn't handle it at another time. Sanitary napkins from the supermarket is brand new so I don't see the issue... never been an issue for me, I buy them for my wife all the time.

    Perhaps that is why we have so many insensitive and uncaring men who seem only to want one thing from a woman so they pretend to "love" her till they get it! What a society we live in!


  3. Thanks for the morning laugh.... the sanitary napkins thing i could understand being embarrassed about when you're eight years old.


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