“My heart aches for residents of Castries South” – Mary Isaac

“My heart aches for residents of Castries South” – Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac

The Castries South Constituency has been plagued with a number of issues for the past several years, according to United Workers Party (UWP) candidate Senator Mary Isaac.

Isaac told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview that she would like to see these issues addressed and that the constituency is improved and by extension the lives of those who reside within it.

Isaac said under the current St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration, nothing significant has been done to help improve Castries South Constituency.

“One would have thought that when the Labour Party promised better days, that at the very least, the constituencies that they live and work in, would actually see the better days,” she said.

Instead, Isaac believes everyone throughout the length and breadth of St. Lucia and persons living in Castries South in particular, which is part of the city, remains in a worse condition than ever before.

“A majority of the people are unemployed; most live in horrible conditions, with no hope for a future. And to think that they are represented by an educator, who should know better is even worse,” Isaac argued.

The UWP Senator explained that the Faux-a-Chaud is still faced with several environmental issues, especially since a number of the drains remain clogged and requires urgent cleaning.

“The horrible stench that permeates the air is worse. It is amazing that we expect our children and people to learn and produce when they are subject to live in such deplorable conditions.This is truly a sad state of affairs when people cannot even breathe clean air which is supposed to be a free commodity. My heart aches for the residents of Castries South,” Isaac said.

She has stated before that Castries South is the most impoverished amongst the constituencies surrounding the Castries Central basin, although they have some very important assets which includes: part of the seaport, government supply warehouse, two secondary schools and the hospital.

The former trade unionist has already expressed confidence that the UWP will secure the Castries South seat in the next general elections and promised to implement major changes in that constituency.

Castries South is currently being represented by the SLP Government Minister Dr. Robert Lewis.


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  1. Looks like a sou co yan ! Give me a break ! What have you attempted to do lately, for the people of S Castries to at least mellow your own heart ?


  2. None of the political parties are for their own people, they just their for their pockets. I am so sick of them all. ASHAME ON YOU, DAMN POLITICIANS.


  3. Mary, take it from me, Robert Lewis is history.
    Personally, I don't think he is going to run again.
    Look beyond him, as though he does not exist, and
    just organize a strong group of men and women and
    start acting as though you are already in charge. After
    all it's already yours, baby, take it. Be blessed.


  4. You are one of those persons who leaves their st home when leaving for work. Had this not been the case you would have never left the CSA. You would have stayed there and fight their cause. If you ask me you are a consummate politician whose work is completely detached from her emotions. In other words she has no heart and if she has no heart she can't feel nor ache about the calamity of other people. Nonsense old witch!


  5. Robert will not run again because he knows his goose is cooked. damn educated idiot who did nothing for the bulk of the people in his own monkey town area... his brother and family alone (ALLEGEDLY) that getting work/contracts. colgate get big pay back other campaigners got nothing.
    He had better not even think of coming back.


  6. robert lewis is a failure plain and simple. all the guy does is talk. castries south has seen no development under robert lewis. mary you are well on target. keep working for your people.


  7. Mary is a weak candidate….UWP get real if you plan to contest the next election effectively, please get someone else to represent South Castries. Half of the people in Ciceron is family of Robert Lewis so you need to come really good to beat him. Frankly he is ineffective just like all the other politicians and I actually expected better for a religious man but he's no different. He came into Ciceron and pour concrete from the main road to the church so he could get all the votes of the church. He is using his "apparently religious affiliations" to remain in power. Mary nobody know you, you have always been to yourself, why do you think the electorates will vote for you?


  8. MARY...please don't mess up anymore persons..go back to the civil service to continue your rampage..they are waiting to deal with u


  9. Mary just shut up,u feel sorry couse u already lost your deposit,robert is working,the women who's taking u around they're in the same shit never want to better themself.just scrate and smell.u only stay and watch. Talk a good walk through there's foot paths.


  10. You are wrong about one thing My dear Senator. Vieux Fort South, our Prime Minister's constituency is the worse and started getting bad since 1997. Do you want to have this debate? Now they are selling and cleaning near our beautiful square. over 80% of youth unemployed, 8 year olds are begging at KFC and Domino and many other ill.


  11. All of a sudden you want people of South Castries to vote for you in the next elections, so you running your mouth. STOP TALKING YOU NO DIFFERENT. AS SOON AS YOU GET IN YOU WILL DO THE SAME. SHUT UP! SHUT UP!


  12. Mary why don't you organise some form of self help to clean faux a chau? you all power hungry politriksion's always seems to have dee answer when on d outside...but as soon as u lot get in u lot changing your tunes..start blaming dee opposit for not putting cash in place for u all to pocket.. and then come back and cry pls give me another 5yrs. Mary stay in your section.. thats not your role .


  13. So what are you going to do or is trying to do currently to help solve these issues.? That is what i want to know. I am so tired of these politicians basing each other but doing nothing to solve our ever growing number of problems. What is your strategy for enhancing the lives of Castries South.


  14. ur heart aching ?? Mary shut up and give us a break? you want the seat so u going to say anything ... i don't know whats wrong with fee- fin uh... choops nonsense ...aching my arse


  15. Robert Lewis is not the goodie goodie people look at him to be. As a Religious person and an educator, all he is concerned about is his pocket. He is hoping the SLP will win so he can get his new position probably overseas. Robert Lewis knows members of his own party has lost confidence in him because he has done nothing to uplift Castries South constituency driving up to Tapion, all you see is old houses with rusty galvanize fences what a sight in the Castries basin.Remember CASTRIES is the Capital of St. Lucia


    • Seriously anonymous? Old houses with rusty galvanize? Was Robert Lewis suppose to give them new houses? You people know how to write foolishness on these blogs without thinking.


      • Bare foolishness talking about old houses with rusty galvanize ... anonymous go find something else to do


      • Just saying that he could have uplifted the area by turning it into a housing project, build proper houses so the people can buy them at an affordable price.Remember this is Castries. You can see all cruise ships from that area, and cruise ship passengers can see the area too


    • i so agree with you. its been years we are begging for this man to give us some help to build a foot path and all he does is excuess on excuess, he bulid concret roads all over which cost more than some martrials and we the young fella will do the work the man dont see the amount off children that passing infront his office coming from that same hole he dont wanna give assistance . make it worst just infont his office the gabage making a mountain he dont see it fit to get us some bins. he left his home and bukid a massive house in the upscale area in ciceron and say is his woman that build it yes didnt kniw teachers make so much money to get a loan to build three story house. every dog has it day black poor plp will move up one day too


    • Most of these politicians are the same.... but c'mon...Mary Issac ......I thought St. Lucians were smarter than that.


    • I totally agree! St. Lucians always waiting for hand-outs to get anything done. You have a problem with drainage in your area... Aye Bondye... a few of you all can come together... get some spades... solicit assistance from the Castries City Council and solve the issue. It's so disgusting how non-action-oriented we have become.


  16. Today alone you know that....as you want the seat you will say anything...stupid woman all yourll politicians sickening


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