My girlfriend called me “Shawn” while we were having sex

My girlfriend called me “Shawn” while we were having sex

Dear Willie: A few months ago I was having sex with my girlfriend and she called a guy’s name. I was immediately turned off and asked her who is Shawn.

She told me it is her coworker. She said it meant nothing and nothing was going on between them. So I asked her why of all the names it’s Shawn name she called. She said she speaks to him every day because he is a coworker.

I did not accept it. It led to the demise of the relationship because I could not get it out of my mind.

She is asking for a second chance, I love her a lot, but I don’t know if I should take her back.

Please help me. Thanks

Dear Sir: If that turned you off and caused the demise of your relationship, it’s best to move on. It will not go away, trust me. Once there is no trust in a relationship it is doomed.

I do find it suspicious that she would call another man’s name during sex. It just doesn’t add up.

I think you should take my advice and quit thinking about a second chance.


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  1. Sometimes in daily life u end up calling a person a different name by mistake. For example I'd be talkin 2 friends n suddenly call them my sister's name because I see her all the time n she bothers me alot. So perhaps it was jus a slip of da tongue.


    • It isn't an accident that happens during sex. That's different. If you call someone name that you have been intimate with (an Ex), that I would get as you were use to a certain thing. I find it suspicious as well.


  2. Some people can really go through shit in their lives. Love yourself more than anyone else n send her to Shawn.


  3. Its not a nice thing to experience, the problem is people get carried away when there intimate, they should just have fun,
    enjoy and conceal the partner's name if it may cause, by the way if youre honest theres
    no way another mans name will be on your mind.


  4. Come on. How would the boyfriend think the girlfriend should treat him if he was the one who called some other woman's name? to end the relationship just because of that means, the girlfriend was very dispensable. i don't think that man loved his girlfriend. Women, please take note!


  5. There is evidence to suggest that this is not an uncommon occurrence. Persons both male and female have been known to "call other names" during sex or at any other inopportune time. The name of a coworker or family member or any other individual may be at the fore front of the mind. Therefore it is not enough reason to cause the demise of a relationship. If there is other evidence leading to distrust okay, but simply this scenario is not enough.


  6. Young man we all do shit but plz move on. Something is wrong somewhere n thats just the message. Shes cheating, do not accept her back.


  7. something is definitely not right long as a woman would be calling another man's name during sex means that her feelings is going might not be doing something right in the sex part of the relationship and usually women would do that.they would fantasize about a next individual making love to them to spice up the sex and make them cum the way they would want to.they would make you feel that you are in charge but mentally they are not even in the picture with you.maybe she is sleeping with the other guy already or have intentions of doing so and is still in the relationship with you cause she wants to have her cake and eat it and she maybe eh get the right moment to leave you yet or sean could have his girlfriend already and she is contemplating her feelings.she could be in the relationship cause she is getting something else from you that she wants for the while and it is no longer about the sex with you two but she could only be sleeping with you still to cover up her tracks but that time when she fantasize about the other individual she just sold out herself and came up with a low excuse so you wont feel bad but apparently you still did.this is something that would turn anyone off,both male and is a complete turn off and it will make you feel very low at the time.i think you should try to move on and face the harsh reality cause once there is a crack in the glass just know sooner or later it would completely break.hold strong brother.i rest my case.


  8. my bot Shawn getting his share too,typical st.licia women love to share it around,and shawn woman giving it up too.


  9. On another occasion I would agree with most comments, but sadly I've been in a situation where I called "de wrong name". At the time it wasn't funny, but I can surely laugh at it now, and chalk it up to one of life's "what not to do" experiences. My boyfriend at the time and I were having sex, and I unwittingly called out my ex's name. I can honestly say I wasn't thinking of him(the ex), neither was I cheating with my ex. I can only explaining it as a subconscious reaction as I'd been with the ex a long time and we'd ended the relationship on a bad note, so its not like I still wanted him. Obviously my bf at the time was upset and needless to say the one time we were gonna have the best sex he'd ever given, it went from very hot to chilling in a second. Calling the wrong name at the peak of pleasure is just not right(lol) At the time of calling the wrong name, I wasn't even aware of it.He called me out on it, accused me of cheating. Tried explaining why I think I did it, but given that he was already insecure, it didn't help. Again I have never cheated in any relationship. The relationship continued but ended after a while for other reasons. By the way many studies have shown that a huge percentage of men and women think of other people during sex.


    • Well J there must be a reason why you would have called your ex's name during intercourse. He was there in your sub-concious so if you were not thinking of him perhaps the sex at the time with your boyfriend reminded you of what you had with the ex. "As he thinketh in his heart so is he" The mind is the gateway to all sorts of unwanted activities!


  10. She is fantasising about Shawn wen you doing your ting.. If the chance arise she wont hesitate to give him the honey pot!

    run far away and don't turn back!!