My fiancee cheated because of an argument

My fiancee cheated because of an argument

Dear Willie:
I am in a three-year-old relationship with my now assumed-to-be fiance who proposed about a month ago.

A few months ago we were engaged in some argument, leading him into sleeping with another woman who I kept asking if he was seeing, and who by chance may be pregnant for him. He says he cheated on me with her because I kept admitting that he was seeing her and that they were only just friends. I only got to know that a few days ago when he was confronted by the girl the night before.

I love him and wants to be his wife but as a result of the disappointing news, I can’t seem to co-operate with the fact that he will be a father to another woman’s baby. He says he loves me and that he’s sorry and that he stills want to get married.

But I am in doubt. I want to know, will it still be the same given the fact that he doesn’t know if he will father that baby and whether it will be a major down-low when we get married?

Question is: am I the reason he cheated? And is this marriage going to work out as it is that the girl and I are enemies?

Dear Miss: No it is not going to work out, in my opinion.

I believe he was seeing this woman before. I am 100% sure he didn’t run out angry and bump into a strange girl, lift up her skirt suddenly and give her some cal.

He would have had to have some prolonged contact with this woman. A woman just doesn’t sleep with a man like that. They have had to get sensual or sexual at some point.

I believe this is a sign to give him back the ring. There are many more men out there sweetie.


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  1. Keep the ring, keep your dignity and get rid of the man. If one argument can cause him to go out, think of the arguments in the future. you deserve better than than


  2. Girl, your heart is shattered right now and it's not the best time to make any big decision at the moment, as to whether or not to stay and marry this guy. That being said, do not wait too long either.

    Remove yourself from the situation and think deeply about what transpired. You really have to ask yourself if this guy is committed to you and to staying married to you. Infidelity is a deal-breaker - why would he take such a high risk of losing you over an argument? That to my mind shows that he is not committed or at least serious about being in a marriage relationship with you. Never mind what he says - make judgements by what he DOES. Actions speak louder (much louder) than words.

    Marriage is a lifelong commitment (or it should be). If he did that to you now - during the courtship phase when things are supposed to be blissful and both of you are more tolerant of each other's shortcomings (at least for now) - my goodness, what will he do later?

    The signs are there. Your own gut instinct told you something was wrong. Do not be afraid to move on with your life. If you are a loving and caring person of good character, there will NEVER be a shortage of men for you. So do not give up and resign yourself to a life of pain.

    Better heartbreak now than hell later.


  3. Sex is always Good with the right woman 🙂
    Nothing wrong for a “side-piece” chick wanting to have her coochie feel happy all the time.



  4. You should put that marriage on hold, atleast until the baby is born and you can find out if he is the father. Having a baby changes everything and you may not be able to handle his interaction with the girl and the baby. So just take things slow for now.


  5. I think you should ask God to give you foresight and pray on the matter then think about your next move, only you can decide your future with this man.
    It might not work with this man, then again who knows, it might just work, but never forget what he has done, but I would delay the marriage until I am certain that he has changed.


  6. Girl the bible say forgive and forget. And the only reason you can leave your husband is if he cheated on you. You have not said I DO and he cheated farless when you say I DO.I blive its best for you to give him the ring and move on. You may forgive but will never forget trust me.


  7. My girl i know for one that it's easier said than done to leave your man because your emotions are already invested in this relationship. People sometimes make you blive that the grass is greener on the other side but it really isn't. I've been through your situation and it will not be easy for you to to get over it but I did. It just takes time and forgiveness. If you really love him and you're 100 percent that he's the one try to make it work. However put your'll marriage on the back burner so you can have enough time assess things between you and your partner. And No you're not the reason why he cheated, it's just that when everything is going good for us, the devil has a way of tanishing it ,you just have to be strong to overcome it and ask God to help you.


  8. Another easy one, my lady he cheated because he wanted to, he wuzn't juz friends wit dis chick,he wuz flirting with her,he would've banged her out whether you accused him or not, it wuz just a matter of time, do yourself a favor and leave, or are you dat desperate to get married?


  9. Tell ur fiance, his jabal and baby on the way to kiss ur ass....walk out close the door behind u and nail it....let the baby mama deal with her fair share too! Remember what goes around comes around twice header.u will hear about them st Lucia small


  10. My Dear Lady,

    Getting married will not automaically make your issues go anyway. Your lack of trust in him and his disrespect for you will be carried into this union. Once the whimsy of the wedding wears off it will be back to the arguments. I'm not saying that you should not marry him, but take your time. Seek help, get some pre-marital counseling and most importantly seek the counsels of God through the Bible. Marriage is an institution created by God, hence He alone is able to sustain it. All the best.


  11. Give him back the ring! You're engaged and got into an argument and he cheated and found out because the girl confronted him. What do you think will happen when you get married and get into an argument?



  12. Everyone deserve in second chances but this one 3years is not a lot to based your future on him after what he did, you have a whole new future ahead of you,why would he jus run and sleep with the woman for and argument,don't blame yourself for this,this must have been goin on for a long time,so he used the argument to make you see since you use to accuse him that he did for true. Then again its your choice don't let people make choices for you.


  13. So I have this brilliant idea! This can work in your favor. Based on his logic for sleeping with her, you can get him to be exactly how you want eg. you tell him, you (man)are smart, educated, gainfully employed,love only me (female), look at no other woman:)etc... then guess what? he will be all of these things because you accused him of them:)


  14. Hard decision to make with your heart in the way and emotions. But if you decide to give him a second chance you have to start all over and test him in time before you get married. Give at most 1yr 6 months to see if it happens again, or do some kind of well thought up test to see if he has changed. Otherwise you might be unhappy.


  15. lmaooo wdmcc "lift up her skirt suddenly and give her some cal"
    das the worse advice ive ever heard


  16. My girl don't worry with willie or these people. Search your heart. If you can, have am honest and open convo and share your feelings with each other. You two can make it if you still love each other.