GROSS INEFFICIENCY: My experience with the CID Department of RSLPF (letter to the editor)

Letter to the Editor

Letter-007On February 8, I went to make a report at the CID Department in Castries about some suspicious and alarming emails that I received from an anonymous person.

I was sent there by officers of Central Police Station after asking for advice on who can help deal with this matter.

Someone had created a fake email using my name to hide their identity, and forwarded to me some threatening words. I explained to the CID officer the particulars of the matter and all she said was “someone will call you to investigate the matter and take your statement”.

I received one phone call that same afternoon from that CID police officer, to ask where I live. Two days passed and I didn’t hear a thing from anyone so I called the department to inquire about the status of the investigation and to my surprise another police officer indicated that there is no record of the matter. Not in their system, not in their books, and I was told to return to CID to speak to the officer I initially made the report too.

Of course the question I conjured was: must I be shot by a stalker, or be hit by a vehicle and crippled to have my matter taken seriously?

Nonetheless, I couldn’t go to CID, not until the following Wednesday which was exactly seven days later. I proceeded with a great degree of calm and indicated that I was there last week to make a report about some threatening emails that I received and I would like to follow up etc. Once again they have no record of my complaint. So they proceeded to call the officer who I originally dealt with.

My senses were then awoken by a loud expletive from a police officer speaking to a man who appeared to be raising his voice because the officer was seemingly passive about his request.

“Know who you F*****ing talking too”. Don’t raise your f****ing voice at me; “you f****ing mad man” were only some of the few lines darted at the man by the officer. My ears stood up in utter disbelief and my mind found serious difficulty processing this gross lack of professionalism.

The phone call concerning my matter had ended now, and the police sat in her chair and “hollas” at me saying “Go to Gros Islet Police Station to make your report because that’s where you were when you read the emails. I immediately shook my head and said please don’t tell me this is happening right now.

First of all I waited seven days to allow the police to call me as they promised. I didn’t know the intention of the perpetrator and I could have been dead by then. I never received a follow-up call to tell me to go to Gros islet!

Secondly, How ridiculous is it that I’m now in Castries and rushing to make this report to CID there, and I am being sent back to Gros-Islet because I read an email on my phone while standing in Gros-Islet? I immediately posed the question to the female officer who had just hollered at me: “I was in Timbuktu and I received an email are you telling me that I must go to Timbuktu and make the report even if I live near Castries and we have no idea who the emails are coming from?”

The police officer then very unprofessionally shouts at me saying, “YES! If you were in Timbuktu and you received your email on your phone you go to Timbuktu to make your report!”

I found difficulty processing this rationale. The fact is I received more than one email and I could have been anywhere when I read those emails on my phone.

The RSPF is saying to you that if you receive a threatening text or email via your mobile device, and at the time of receiving the text or the email you are in VF on a bus, or on a plane between St Lucia and Africa, or dreaming on a catamaran near the Pitons, you will be sent to back to a police station closer to where you received the email even if they will send the matter back to the IT Department in Castries to trace those emails.

Almost all emails are synced to your mobile device. The RSLPF has a unit that deals with cybercrime. Can you imagine the inconvenience this would create? If I have no connections with VF, I wasn’t physically assaulted in VF, I only received an email one day in VF and on another day I’m in Soufriere, I cannot go to CID in Castries to report the matter because I will be sent to Soufriere or VF to give a statement. Pure unadulterated rubbish.

The afternoon ended in a heated exchange between myself and the officers, where one officer came up to my face as though ready to beat the crap out of me telling me to leave the premises or else. Sadly I was unperturbed and was relentless in my pursuit to make my frustrations heard. I never used one expletive but I was loud in expressing disillusionment because the police stations are there to help the public, not to impede justice through gross laziness, inefficiency and complacency.

I am a tax-paying citizen and if this is the gross inefficiency that future lawyers and current lawyers have to work with I can only imagine the gaping hole that exists in our justice system presently.

I always hold police officers in high regard because I believe that they are supposed to help, however this sort of attitude and ridiculous policy must change or else we will become the mockery of the Western Hemisphere and by extension the world.

– Joseph D.

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  1. Inefficiency of the police force has several causes among them ignorance. Sometimes I honestly believe that many officers don't know better. You would be surprised to learn how uninformed they are. Just talk to an officer about basic things and you would realize that it wouldn't be long before you become embroiled in an argument, most times out of sheer ignorance of the officer. The powers that be must move to address officer ignorance. In this case the officer is categorically wrong, however he will defend that ignorant position to the death, most likely your own death.

  2. This doesn't surprise me in the least. I went to the Marchand Police Station to report a theft. The attitude of the police officer who took the statement was quite alarming. I think I got there before she was about to go off, so she was mad. It was just unbelievable the way I was treated and I was reporting a crime. Don't want to know what would have happened had I been a criminal. These people do not engender any confidence. Yes, I know, not all police officers are like that but I've had a couple of experiences with the police and they've both been bad. They were disrespectful and uncaring and I left with a worse impression of the Police than when I went there.

    • Not surprising!

      But could you not have used a different ALLIAS/ACRONYM to mine? (:-)

      The only difference is that you've put a space after "Anon"

  3. Sometimes the garbage I read is alarming. If what u wrote is the truth then there is cause for concern. However if u have not been honest u need to reevaluate yourself and i am more than certain that u have not been completely honest. First off i strongly believe that the officer would only throw you out if your behavior was threatening or disorderly. I've been at the police station and seen persons behave like they are on the streets and even wanting to fight with officers. We have good and competent officers who even sacrifice themselves and family to fight crime and solve our problems some of which we create ourselves. The fact they get paid is irrelavant because they can cast a blind eye dispite getting paid. We need to show some respect. Secondly u need to educate urself. Every police station covers certain areas and if a crime happens somewhere this is where u make the report. Why would u leave the police station nearest to where u are affected to make a report elsewhere. That's just ignorance.
    while some officers mess up am pretty sure the image u have painted is nothing close to the facts. Chirps. Smh

    • Why abbreviate a "3" letter word re "YOU"

      It's only three letters long dude!

    • Are you aware, that I was asked to return to CID in castries after proceeding to the police station in the vicinity where i read the message? The fact is that cyber crime is not at all the same as GBH or other physical crimes. So the fact that the police sent me back which i already knew they would... what does this say about those you chose to defend

    • Clearly a police officer to defend that useless bunch so much

    • Don't try to defend incompetence however educate your co-workers on the meaning of public service. The point is the man concern was not addressed period and if anyone had to make the report at the gros islet station is the officer at fault. We are in a modern age why couldn't the man's statement be emailed or hand delivered to the gros islet station? Was a statement even taken on his first visit?

  4. Some people are to quick to accept the allegations and innuendo leveled at some members of the RSLPF without substantiating it. None of us are perfect and I am 100% certain that the writer behaved disorderly hence the rationale to have him exit the department. We have to brief ourselves with the various legislations and standard operating procedures. I was present and I am embarrassed for the congregation of which this writer is from. For a Christian, he ought to act in an orderly fashion. Though it may be true that some members may act in a manner that may bring disrepute to the organisation, the majority of Officers are competent, empathetic and dedicated to serving members of the public. It's disheartening when ppl like this writer and others attempt to bury the efforts of the hardworking men and women of the RSLPF. Police officers need a safe environment to perform their duties. I wish the writer all the best in handling this problem and if he has a problem with any member of the RSLPF he can get solace at the Complaints Unit.

    • where did it say he was a christian from the original piece?

    • What complaints unit ? The one that can't control any of your officers?

    • You say i'm a christian ... so you obviously think you know who i am. That's fine. I am fully aware that when i wrote this article the officers who were there would know exactly who i was cause i wasnt quiet in letting my discontent known. However if the police officers who you may have spoken too concerning the series of events that transpired that afternoon, they would tell you that I wasn't threatening and the only ones who behaved threateningly was the police officers who were too proud and too busy chatting away in their social gathering to take stalk of the BS i was being fed. I followed their instruction to go to the police station nearest the vicinity where read the message, and guess what....They sent me marching my self right back to Castries CID. Just because i told a police officer that sending me to this other police station would be wasting my time is acting in a threatening manner. Tell me if i'm wrong to tell the police officer that that policy carried no weight and was unjustifiable. The fact is these police officers instead of apologizing for wasting my time will try to justify their stupidity. That is very telling of the caliber of their character. I don't hate police officers, just because i love them, doesn't mean that i will sit idly by while they bully the public. I had a legitimate concern, i waited 7 days and didn't hear a word from the offier who promised to call back. After taking myself, my time, my energy because it's my life in danger, you disrespect a member of the public by throwing their ridiculous policy in their face to absolve yourself from doing any work. YOU LACK OBJECTIVITY!! People like you will support people no matter how wrong they are.

  5. There authorities need to include customer training at the training schools for police officers, you are a professional 24/7 even when you are off duty, if you cannot be anything else be professional, lead by example! Go above and beyond the ordinary! Either that or you are nothing but a scumbag.

  6. First off sir, St.Lucia has no cyber crime specialist, that can trace any sort of email in any way, our nation doesn't contain the equipment or finance it entails to carry out those kind of forensic analysis when it comes to that kind of matter, going to the IT Department of the RSLPF would be a total waste of time; there is nothing they can do, thats exactly why the want to have you going in a merry-go-round in determining where to go to make a report.

  7. Yes uh thats how it is. I had a problem with a thief I made a report of at the marigot police station and the matter was already going on in court.the magistrate said that he should not speak to me and stay far away from me. one day I was walking in town and he said something to me I made that report to marigot because that was where the first report was made and they know of the matter going to court cause the officer assigned to my case goes to court. You know they tell me report the matter Castries cause that is where the guy spoke to me.I tell them that not making sence, its not like its a new matter so why must I go Castries when y'all can write this in file.smh

  8. Joseph D you should have taken note of their numbers and disclosed them in your letter.

    Name and shame some of these barely literate police officers

  9. In the investigation following a sexual assault case the police, up to now 5 months later, failed to take statement of the witness despite the witness contacting them several times. On top of that they failed to collect the security camera footage on the agreed date. So by the time they finally came to collect it, it had been written over. As long as laidbackness and laziness are tolerated by management nothing will change. It has to start from the top with a change of mindset.

  10. In the investigation following a sexual assault case the police, up to now 5 months later, failed to take statement of the witness despite the witness contacting them several times. On top of that they failed to collect the security camera footage on the agreed date. So by the time they finally came to collect it, it had been written over. As long as laidbackness and laziness are tolerated by management nothing will change. It has to start from the top with a change of mindset.

  11. Baige had it right , who guarding the guard .... people protect yourself , defend yourself , the criminals know there are some lazy idiots, so hence the reason they are bold in there attack against the public

  12. I love the guy who wrote this. One day I'm going to do the exact same thing and put it on news, not just Saint Lucian news I'm putting it on international news everywhere, I reporting the matter everywhere don't care how much it cost just can't wait to come back home to do it. Useless police!

  13. We live ion a technology world and need to take cyber crimes seriously.

    I am not in St Lucia but 100% St Lucian born and raise. It's time fellow St Lucian help out each other. Every email sent out has information of the machine it was sent from and the location.

    Do this to locate their location: Copy and paste in your browser and follow the steps

    • Very true and these sites have been around for a lil while.

      However this could prove entire fruitless, if the person sending the email has a bit of common sense.

      I will not state how easy it can be done and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out.

      If anyone has a VPN - this could allow someone in St Lucia to send an email and if you go via your suggested site - it could reveal that email originated from Syria although it was sent from SLU.

      There's always a way to by pass the original senders IP address.

  14. We are doomed. There is simply no one to turn to for help.

  15. I'm so happy this person wrote. Expose them!!!there's one at the micoud police station whom I wish someone would beat up bcuz of how arrogant he is.if he's dealing wit a situation he parks his dirty .... in the middle of the street in the village n demands that everyone wait on him wen he cud jus park on a side.its very annoying how he carries himself and treats ppl.this story is sad.sad sad sad!!!!police nowadays don't work Frm their heart.its jus a salary n they really don't care about the well being of citizens

  16. Unprofessional office...a complete waste of time that c.I.d

  17. This sort of occurrences is nothing new by some officers of the RSLPF. Unprofessionalism and incompetence are just two of the major problems plaguing the RSLPF. Some of these officers are rude, disrespectful and ill-mannered when it comes to serving the public. However, this sort of behavior continues because those officers are aware that they can get away with such unacceptable behavior. Such matters should always be investigated and necessary action should be taken to ensure that our police force improve its standard of operations. Such unprofessional behavior does not augur well for the RSLPF, which has a vital role play in society.

  18. TheSaintLuciaActivist

    Samples of true horror stories that shows that your case is not isolated:

    1) Police officer is bathing a Pigeon Island surrounded by some women; child swims near them; officer: go swim somewhere else; child: I'm not bothering anyone here, just swimming; officer: I'm a police officer don't you know I can arrest you.

    2) Person files reports a case of breaking and entering at the Police station; person gets information from neighbors about the perpetrators; goes back to followup at the Police station; a new officer says that the officer who took the deposition is on leave and that they should come back when the officer gets back from leave.

    Just some samples of TRUE stories.

    I'm a law abiding citizen but I believe in justice and fairness for all. Wrong is wrong and right is right.

  19. I must admit that if your recollection of the events is correct then you have a right to be outraged. This was indeed poor customer service. The attending officer or officers could have and should have attended to your complaint. There was no need to refer you to the Gros Islet Police because you happened to read your email there. Ludicrous! to say the least. My advice to you is to refer your complaint to a senior supervisor. May I suggest Mr. Collymore. I can assure you that he will advise you appropriately.

  20. Can we get more ridiculous than this?

  21. Why am I not surprised that you received such a welcome...smdh...i have worked as a paralegal for the past 20 years and its amazing when reports are made to the police on domestic issues how complacent they are i have worked on a case with a particular attorney whereby several reports had been made on a boyfriend beating on his girlfriend the police never took a stand until the girlfriend was killed by her boyfriend...domestic issues the RSLPF find amusing and its like a turn on for them...if it were a drug raid or drugs in your area trust me your cry would have been heard with all the police vehicles available..then they would have stumbled on a certain amount of drugs and only half would have been declared by the police...smh..our police force are the worse...the recent cash bust i understood the amount given via the media was not what was found....its on streets that the police have taken some of the monies before the arrest of the 2 venezuelan nationals and st.lucian national...yall are a big shame!!

    • This has been happening for years!

      If you read in the media that the Police seized 100 KILOS of Cocaine the true amount would 150 or 200.

      Crooks MOST of them, you see the thing is they see they Politicians doing things and getting away scotch free!

  22. These damn officers are a joke.i wouldn't look at them twice far less to consider even providing a helping hand.i dislike st.lucia's officers to the ends of this earth and back

  23. Bravo. We St. Lucians must start doing something about the situation. Life is becoming more difficult, we should become a no nonsense group of people. The police need to do Thier job and protect us.


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