My boyfriend no longer wants me to be a stripper

My boyfriend no longer wants me to be a stripper

Dear Willie: I recently read one of your responses online. I am in one of the same situations.

I became a stripper to pay my bills so I wouldn’t have to stay with my mom anymore, and my boyfriend came into the situation knowing that. I’m also a hairstylist.

Now, all of a sudden, he has a problem with it and wants space. He told me we were done and that he regrets ever talking to me. So I took his stuff to where he’s staying just to get it out of my house and totally disconnected myself from him instantly; he’s not use to that. So, I’m confused. Now he’s saying we’re not done and he just wants me to get myself together so I won’t have to strip.

He still calls and texts every day. He still asks me to spend time with him, and he even took me to church with him yesterday! But he won’t come back home. What’s going on in your opinion?

Dear Miss: It seems to me like your gentleman wants to live a different life which includes having a partner who does not strip for other men to survive. You hit the nail on the head when you said “he just wants me to get myself together so I won’t have to strip”.

I believe he still has feelings for you and wants you, but he has come to realise that you being a striper isn’t what he wants for a future longer-term relationship.

The fact he took you to church is testament of some type of change.

You need to speak with him about what he wants and also tell him what you want to do with your life, so both of you can come to a mutual decision.


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  1. You need to stop being a Ho if you want respect or a decent man. Not too many men would put up with your prostitution. Find something better to do you Ho.


  2. Girl, I agree with the guy I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone and other men get to look at her body,i find it's disrespectful but if you're not willing to already change well it's your choice sweetheart.It looks like your guy is looking to settle down and he just doesn't want to settle with a stripper..


  3. Get a life and try closing your legs sometimes that might help!! I am sure your mother would rather u living in her home instead of that degrading lifestyle.. ask her?


  4. Why don't the boyfriend say he will help with the bills. Maybe it's difficult to get a job as it is in our society now. He should offer some sort of help for the situation to change. Yes I won't encourage a relationship with the lady being a stripper because that's a whole level of insecurity right there but sometimes the men don't help ladies financially at all.


  5. Strippers play a pivotal role in our society.
    And i mean, they make some of us (men) who are really down on our luck with the opposite sex, remember what it means to be with a lady (if the price is right.)
    Even Jamets are important in our society.

    Now a gentleman may not want either types to bring home to his parents because it would be an instant "NO NO," and we all know why.

    So lady, if you love the guy, wants to be with him and can find an alternative means of employment to pay the bills, then why not.
    But if you can't and needs to do this to survive, i won't judge you. 🙂


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