My BF dumped me because he doesn’t last in bed

My BF dumped me because he doesn’t last in bed

Dear Willie:
I’ve been dating this guy for about seven months now. Everything was going great: the dinners, the movies, the long phone calls. We were totally into each other. One thing led to another and we finally did what big people do.

The first time we did it, I got three strokes and he was dead, so I didn’t bother. I thought maybe after waiting so long, he was a little too excited. So we cuddled for a little while to rest. The second round: We tried a different position, this time I got half a stroke and he was dead. I knew he felt bad and I tried to comfort him. He said this has never happened before. Days after we tried and it was just two to three strokes and he died.

He decided to make a doctor’s appointment to see if he has a problem. He told me the doctor said: “Nothing is wrong with you, maybe you can’t handle the whine”.

I tried to find solutions and stuck by him because I really cared about him. He slowly became distant. He avoided my calls. When finally I got him one day, his friend answered and said to me, “You doh see the man doh want you you B****…” I was shocked. I hung up the phone and cried my heart out.

Willie what should I do? Forget about him? Or should I try to show him I’m willing to stay with him and work things out.

Dear Miss: You have  nothing more to prove to this man. You have already showed him that you truly care for him.

The fact that he allowed his friend to get involved and disrespect you in that way, is enough proof that this man does not belong in your life.

I understand his frustration. And it IS A FACT that some men distance themselves from females out of self-pity when they feel “inadequate” in the bedroom or otherwise. At some point in time, every man will go through what he is going through, but maturity and understanding always prevails.

I hope no one makes fun of this situation, especially the men. Today, your willy is hard and sturdy, and tomorrow it might deflate like a balloon.

I am also a bit disturbed by the doctor’s response, if that statement is true. I would love to know who this doctor is. Please inbox me his/her name.

Anyway, young lady, find a new man who not only stays “alive” but has some respect. You may not find him overnight, but you sure seem to be a good woman for sticking around.


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  1. a few things....

    1. he's just not that into u
    2. erectile dysfunction
    3. he knockin noff other tings

    but like someone said ur a good woman if we cross paths ull b in good hands


  2. Yo Seriously...That was not a hit and quit...he couldn't hit it....he was a softie!!!

    And to involve his friend is a cowardly thing to do...she deserves better...i bet he blamed the girl as having issues to his friend...


  3. there will always be more to the perception of both the man and woman involved here. But my girl if he is doing all that you should move on... but the thing does be so tight n sweet u cant really blame the dude. then again he may not be consuming enough fish soup, guiness n pumpkin soup.. invite him over.. wear sumn nice n short..cook a meal for him (crush some bois den in d soup for flavor) n give him another try.. if he does that nonsense again invite his best friend...


  4. My girl move along the man just ashame that his tickle me elmo cannot stand firm,i more ashame for him,i do want no one min man lol lol lol lol and his friend called u bitch cause he must of told lies on the girl expose his 1 stroke wood lmao better yet why dont he use his tongue to mop to make up


  5. This guy must be in poor shape. He most likely does not take care of himself and never went to any Doctor and just lied to you. My dear look for a man who treats you well and who can get you satisfied by any means possible. LOL


  6. I agree wit d mun, sum of dem girlz iz porn stars dey want, ordinary mun cah satisfy dem, I eh killin myself uh


  7. you must be too tight and sweet with WIDE HIPS!!!WOW!!tell him use a condom!!!you must be in the 2% of Lucian women who are TIGHT!!!WOW!!!


  8. After u cuming fast u making ur pardner diss the girl that still want to be with u and care about u?? The girl stick by ur side and all..They have girls that will just end mate career


  9. I see nothing wrong with what the doctor said. If you can't last no doctor can make u last. Mate on the other hand must be sleeping with his friend hence the reason for his friend taking the phone n dissing the lady.