“My aunty and strangers had to feed me” – a YPG story

“My aunty and strangers had to feed me” – a YPG story
Shan Henry

At the age of thirteen I realised that I could draw very well, and while growing up, the passion of doing it just increased.

I used to spend hours drawing characters and people’s pictures, and at school, I didn’t get involved with too many friends but always spent my time drawing. What nobody knew was that I was hiding my problems through that.

At my house I didn’t have peace with my mother and because of this I became really stressed. Another problem I faced was not having enough food to eat and our life began going upside down. I used to keep drawing because in that way people would focus on my work and think that everything was ok with me.

I grew up with my family at Cedar Heights in Vieux Fort and there we stayed for many years. There as well we had good moments and bad ones. The people that were around me would watch, admire and praise me for the good art work I was doing and said I was really talented. But what they did not know was that I was lost, frustrated, depressed and angry.

I never looked for trouble with people but trouble was always after me. The confusion in my house was pissing me off and because of that I used to call my friends and go to the beach, to parties or play football, just trying to cover up the pain that was inside me.

Most of my friends were older than I, and what I realised was that they didn’t have any ambition and their lives were reaching anywhere. It dawned on me and I said: “If I keep following them my life will reach nowhere as well!” so I dropped them and decided to move to the north in Castries with my mother. There, my mother heard about the YPG (Youth Power Group) she told me about it but I didn’t go.

I started going to college but because of the financial situation I had to drop out and look for a job. We used to live taking loans to pay bills and pay the college, and whatever was left over we would use to buy food.

Only God knows what I was facing. My aunt and strangers had to help me. I started selling cakes, ice lolly, and pizza to make some money for me and my family. If it was not so I didn’t know how I would have survived.

The house where we were living was tormented by evil and I couldn’t sleep at nights. The torment from evil was getting worse and one day I woke up and couldn’t move my body, I was paralysed, I screamed and my mother came running to my room. She prayed for me and I started feeling better. From that moment I decided to go and visit the YPG.

When I joined the YPG they talked to me, listened to my problems and prayed for me. I got my healing and I took a decision to put my life on the altar.

I came to the altar and asked God for a job at that time. I didn’t have a birth certificate, nor ID and NIS, and I knew it would be hard to get a quality job, but I believed in a miracle. After that prayer I did on the altar I got a job in the Ministry of Public Service.

I gave my life to God and I am not shy anymore. My mother and I are getting along very well; my brother is now in the presence of God too. Today I help other youths that are in need of help.

With my testimony I am now helping the youths in the YPG in Trinidad and Tobago and God has being using me all over the world.

– Shan Henry

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  1. A Cockmar that hold you... worst ting you did was to tell them people you got a job. Now you have to bring 1/2 of your pay check for them. Smh


  2. Well done bro .. kept ya head up and helped ya family and yourself .. it's hard to see that in the youth these days . Stay blessed !


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