My “amazing” guy still lives with his children’s mother

My “amazing” guy still lives with his children’s mother

Dear Willie:
I have been in a relationship for over two years with this amazing guy. He treats me how a man is supposed to, he polishes my
toes, straighten my hair, massages me, brings me out, comes to see me every day, sleep home sometimes…the whole package. Anything I want, but the problem is that he is still living with his children’s mother.

We both know of each other but obviously don’t agree. She would come to my work place with other coworkers to watch me. I discussed that with the man and it stopped. Not too long ago he was involved in an accident in which he was close to losing his life, but managed to make it out okay.

Whilst he was at hospital, every day I would go to see him and she would be there, but that didn’t stop me. In private I spoke to him and told him that if he was feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation and want it to stop, I will let it stop. Although I love him, I was willing to let him go. He told me no, he would never leave me for anyone.

He has promised to be with me and to come live with me as soon as he gets better, but deep down I feel as though that’s not going to happen and every time I tell him that, he tells me that things do happen in life. We talk on the phone every day but I do miss his company, because I can’t get to see him.

He keeps telling me to wait on him but the way I feel is as though he is playing happy family and am kicked to the side because I don’t think she knows that we still speak. I ask him what does he really want from me because I am confused about the whole situation. He just tells me we will talk when we see.

Please advise me. I need help. What should I do? Am I really waiting on false hope.

Dear Miss: Both you and the other woman are foolish. Don’t you see this man is taking you for a fool? And do you realise he rarely gives you a straight answer? He has been feeding you bull– mixed with ice cream for two years. Haven’t you tasted the bull– in all this?

I have an important question. What’s your real role in this “relationship”? Is it a jabal (side woman role) or the ‘main’ girlfriend role?

I do not believe you’re his girlfriend. Maybe in your head, you are his girlfriend, but based on the info provided, you’re the side chick. You’re like his substitute.

No serious or sensible man will still be living with his ex when he meets a new serious girlfriend. Think about it. Why is he still living with his baby mother?

A lot of men take a lot of women here for joke because the women continue to allow it. It takes common sense to know you’re being fed bull–.

The good treatment is just a tactic to keep you because no sensible woman would have stuck by him so long. He makes you emotionally dependent on him. That’s a female weakness.

You deserve better my lady. Either he shape up, or you leave him alone.


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  1. Lucian's on the hold are too vicious , and like to gossip. .. don't like to watch dem personal business and especially the women love to take other people's men


  2. wow another cheap, useless and shameless substitute! what's wrong with these girls? mama! girl you ugly or what? why let a man play you so? no other man wants you? you love him? does HE love you in return? ass whores!


  3. Wtf is wrong with Lucian women? You are so desparate to have a man you blind to the fact he's still in a relationship with his children's mother, just to say you have a man. You are an ass. If he could sleep by your some nights he can collect all of his belongings from his children's mother and come stay by you. But no, he knows you are foolish enough to gobble up his sorry ass excuses and stay with him regardless. Dumbass. Dammit! Lucian women open your damn eyes tun!


  4. Many situations like that all over the world.So my lady you are not alone.My question is ,if every man sticks to one woman what will the world be like???.


    • My reply to you bambi is. there would be less STDS!!! STUPID IDIOT!!!!!

      Honestly, What the hell is wrong with our St.Lucian women? What's so AMAZING about this guy and this so called RELATIONSHIP? Is that all you're worth? Come on woman, GROW UP!!!! Stop ALLOWING the man to use you, After two years you still expect him to leave his woman for you? Don't you see the man is HAPPY with the way things are? He is FEEDING you a load of BULLSHIT and you're LAPPING it up. The man never had any intentions of moving in with you.
      And a WORD OF ADVICE, if at any time he decides to leave his woman for you don't accept him, because he will CHEAT on you the same way he is CHEATING on his woman with you. Make no mistake, he is a CHEATER!!! Don't think you're SPECIAL!!!!



  5. The man is playing you,he aint gonna leave his woman for you. That's what all those bloody Lucian men are good for,to prove they r macho. Having baby mama,an many side chicks,I bet u are not de only side one he has. Run an run fast girl.


  6. Now I see what my teacher meant when she said ppl write how they speak. Ppl it's not "leaving" it's "living"


    • i would definely say in this case it's hers fault .
      she new from day one he had a woman with kids(family man).
      it's only natural that the guy will take who ever is willing to give it up regardless.
      she is a home wrecker


  7. what the hell i'm i hearing ? woman hasn't a light bulp go off in your head yet?
    he said that he isn't leaving you for any woman?
    obviously he isn't leaving his child mother for you either
    Get a damn clue..
    that's not a whole package sweetie ,, thatts just dessert..
    got find the appetitizer, main course, dessert and maybe a little digestive.


  8. 1st Understand what your role is in this situation. Do not delude yourself. Ask yourself the hard questions and answer them truthfully. What is your role? Are you happy/unhappy with the role?

    2nd Take control of your life and the situation. You are the on the outside literally and you not happy. He is not leaving so maybe you should be the one to leave.

    3rd A Newton's Law of Physics states that a thing in motion remains in motion until acted upon. He not changing. Baby Mama not changing. You not changing. YOU SURPRISED?

    4th Now to all who throwing stones. Give me a break!!!! Who you think "Auntie" was who was not related to you. DUH!